Audi Q5 Lease Advice

39 months / 15,000 miles, cap cost 44,010, msrp 49,740

das - first month and DMV fees (975 total). No MSDs

Monthly = 580

MF = .00147

Missing some info to run the calculator but wondering what people think


You can squeeze 2-3k more off the price, if that is a 2018.

Have you added Audicare as it’ll save you a lot on servicing. What incentives are being applied?

I’m being told me other discounts other than 44000 sale price. I can’t get the math down to 580 / month so something is missing

No Audi care. Apparently that is 35 more per month

Residual is 51% which feels low

I will leave it up to the experts here to review. This deal seems pretty good, unless I am missing something.

They’re lying. The Season of Audi incentive is $750, some areas have $1500 lease incentive, assuming you don’t have loyalty from Audi? You need to do the legwork and check these things or the dealer will exploit it. Get them to 10% discount, plus incentives on top and Audi care and you’ll have a good deal.

Audi Care should only add $200 as it bumps the RV up by 1% (~$500), but costs ~$700. It will save you a lot given you would have to pay to service at 20k, 30k and 40k miles with it. It sounds like they’re trying to maintain their profit margin by misleading you.