Audi Q5 deal input

Audi 2016 Q5 deal. Trying to understand difference between balloon lease vs regular and if this is a good deal?

MSRP 45400

Payment - $475 with $1500 down balloon lease. Residual 59% MF .00001

still seems a bit high.
i leased a q5 yesterday MSRP 49400 and my lease is 502 plus tax, zero down. 800 due at start, including the first month payment. that being said, the MF i had was 0.0003 on a premium plus.

oops, that was with 12K miles and 55% residual.

Did you opt into Audi care? That really jumped the monthly price up after seeing $475 (including tax). What state also? I see so you are at 502 a month without tax. What is your monthly payment with tax included?

no audi care

why no audi care? Isn’t it expensive and required to maintain the car? That added about $40 a month to the payment including Gap.

i will get maintenance a la carte . maybe at non audi dealer. or may wait for specials/sales for service.