Audi Q5 2021 premium $386 monthly. NY. no money down. Is this a good deal?

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Is nobody gonna talk about how the monthly payment on this deal is INSANELY low???

Is there a pricebreakdown or something I don’t feel like reading through the comments.

Even with all the inceptions paid upfront I haven’t seen Q5’s go for high $300’s lately

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It’s got $4000 in DAS, so it’s roughly $500/mo with MSDs on a 36/7.5k

And that’s the lowest trim, for that MSRP barely convenience or sunroof.

Don’t get wrapped up in the advertised or quoted monthly. It’s designed to be tempting

For a base model @ 7,500 miles per year the effective monthly of almost $500 is definitely not “insanely low”.

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lol guys like I said I understand there’s money due at signing, its low mileage, base model car.

Price still seems extremely low …it’s assuming a selling price of 2,500 - $3,000 under invoice which seems crazy to me. Audi doesn’t typically whore out their product the same way BMW does and there’s no trunk money on em right now. Just season of Audi cash.

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I don’t disagree, it does seem like one of better deals for Audi. Seems like some of the dealers are motivated enough to offer 10% off before incentives. Could be end of the year thing. Another post here from a dealer who offers comparable deal on base trim Q5

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Good reason to think that either trunk money is involved and/or volume bonuses might be.

In which case invoice, which barely means anything here, means absolutely nothing at all.

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Thanks for tagging us. We are DMing Leasebar. Thanks!

We have these no sunroof no convenience cars in stock too but prefer to sell the one with Convenience and Sunroof.

No broker fees with us!

Sure thing… I’ll take my commission in form of additional 1% off before incentives, if I am ever on a hunt for an Audi lease :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Boy, do I have news for you!

Maybe some mentioned this, but I don’t believe you can do MSDs in NY.

I’ve been told that you can if dealer is out of state.

NY dealers can’t do MSDs.

Toyota/Lexus won’t allow NY residents to do MSDs at an out of state dealer, but everyone else (that allow MSDs in general) does.


what news! tell me I am all ears!!

That type of discount is completely normal for an Audi dealer that is focused on volume, like any BMW dealer that is focused on volume. I considered going back to Audi since I knew I could advertise 10-12% off all day without issues.

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Maybe during non-covid then yes I’d agree with you but no dealership in New York is doing $2,500-$3,000 under invoice on a Q5 right now.

I deal with one the highest volume Audi stores in the entire nation (which is in New York).

If we are going to have a dick measuring contest, I worked for a dealer in the top 5 in terms of sales volume and the dealer group has another in the top 5 (and I believe a few more in the top 10). I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing deals that are more aggressive than 10-12% just to hit their volume and quarterly bonus this month.

Also I never specified New York nor did you in your original comment, just Audi dealers in general. I also assume OP is not getting his car from a NY dealer since OP is going MSDs. If your dealer isn’t willing to do 10%+ on a Q5, then it might be time to find a new dealer because those deals are out there.

You’ve contacted every dealer in NY?

Either way this is obviously an out of state deal, most likely from NJ, PA, CT

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I could care less what dealerships you claimed you worked for, and if it’s a dick measuring contest I think you just downsized a couple inches.

Anyways , 10-12% by no means is NOT completely normal for an Audi discount…at least with the market being the way it is at the current state in time.

Q5 were struggling with production for a while up until about a month or so ago. Production started creeping in and discounts are better but I haven’t seen 10-12% off pre incentive in quite some time unless theres some sort of trunk money on the car ( which there isn’t right now)

Audi is a big brand with non taxable rebates as well which is why discounts can be misconstrued.

Yes I have actually, Believe it or not there are people that are in the car business on this site that don’t rock a dealer or broker tag! Not everybody in the business does this to whore out cars for a $300 fee believe it or not :rofl: In New York, leasing companies and auto brokers are like Pizzerias, one on every corner.

@wam22 Let me ask you something also, if it’s such a common discount then where all the Audi deals and broker posts? Notice how you tend to never see them? Because they don’t discount as heavily compared to BMW and this is a known thing…

Notice how there’s 100 BMW Brokers on the Forum and very little Audi brokers.

This is the closest match I can find to your 10-12% off and theres another $800-900 in dealer fees that are applicable versus a NY deal where fees are pretty much capped at around $200-300 ALL IN depending on plates (not including bank) so figure it’s actually realistically like 8% off.

Makes me wonder how bad your dealer’s pricing must be for you to think this quote is “insanely low.”

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