Audi Only Deals! DONT PAY BROKER FEES! e-tron sold out

2020 e-tron Sportback Special!!!

$604 a month - 36 months - 10k miles per year!
Just Tax and Fees at signing + 9 MSDs
if in NJ = NO TAX!!!

Only 2 available - one white - one gray - THIS DEAL WONT LAST!!!

2020 e-tron SB

Expect more deals next month.

Anything below is from December…

Thanks so much all! We reached our December Quota with a full week left! Thanks for everyone that took advantage. For all that reached out appreciate the opportunity whether it worked out or not. We have removed the below deals as they are no longer available - if interested feel free to DM us. See you in March…

We are new here but intend to TAKE OUT THE COMPETITION…

We have learned a lot about the forums since posting so please help by following the below if interested.
DM us zip code you are registering in, time frame you are looking to purchase, if you would want at home delivery or in store pick up, also any colors or features that are must haves…

We are focused on the TriState area. If you want to pay shipping or drive over to NJ we would be glad to assist but once again focused on our bread and butter which is TriState. We would DELIVER for no charge anywhere in the TriState.

There are certain models we are more aggressive with then others = supply/demand. Please see below our two most aggressive options…Any other car please DM us.


If you can do 11.3% off pre-incentive on any new Audi with base MF and no BS fees you will do well here.

Couple of questions that others will have:

Will you ship out of state? (buyer pays all shipping costs)
What is your doc fee?
No BS add-ons to the cars (nitrogen, etching, etc)?
Are you an actual dealer or broker? Your tag says dealer but in your profile it says “used to work for Audi.”


Ship out of state - case by case… We think there is enough business locally to not have to ship cars…
Dealer charges doc fee which is already included in all dealer fees…
Dealer does have Vin Etching which is already included in all dealer fees… Wont really lose a deal over etch but the deals are also strong enough that no one should really complain about etch. Just our 2 cents and hope you agree.

As you see we are easy going and straight up. If interested lets get an Audi in your driveway.

Hi do you have an etron available? Thanks

2021s only. Sportback and Regular Etron.

Any 2020 loaner deals?

Yes absolutely but those are typically better purchase deals not lease. Loaners in general are funky with Audi. Not always a better deal on lease. Are you looking for specific model?

Hello. I’m actually looking for a 2021 Audi Q7 55 Prestige for 15k/36mo. Leases don’t seem too great on them right now unless you can offer a great discount. Also would be interested in a 2020 SQ7 15k/36 mo if the price was right, but would be looking for more than 11.3% off on top of the $4000 in rebates available. Color choice on either would be Navarra Blue or Samurai Gray.

What is your broker fee?
Would you ship to MN?

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What about A6 Premium?

Sorry we dont have any 2020 SQ7s left. Only 2021s.

A6 Premium I have two left. Message me please.

Hi Looking for a deal on a 2021 Q7 any trim.


Yeah, so a 2021 would be fine in Navarra Blue, Samurai Gray, or Orca Black. 2021 Q7 55 Prestige for 15k/36mo. Looking for one equipped in the $75-80k range. What kind of discount can you do on something like that? Can you ship to MN? Cost to ship?

Sorry for confusion. We would NOT ship to MN.

Please DM us with zip code.

Hi - I’m looking for a 2020 Audi S8. Are you able to provide a lease quote? Thanks!

Your username doesnt line up



lol - we can switch him to Audi


Yes for sure. What zip code are you registering? as long as its Tri State… Also open on colors? very few options on 2020 S8s