Audi MSD Inquiry

What does each of Audi’s MSD cost?

It depends on your monthly payment. It’s rounded up to the next $50.

So there isn’t a set buy in rate for each individual MSD?

It’s based on the monthly payment.

So if the payment hypothetical was 660 w/ tax how would I deduce the benefits per each MSD?

I’ve done this BMW but haven’t ever done it with an Audi.

Thanks in advance.

That isn’t the same question as your initial post.

BMW and AFS have the same MF reduction (.00005) per MSD.

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Monthly benefit per MSD = .00005 * (adj cap cost + RV)

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You can plug everything into the LH calculator and see what affect MSDs will have on MF, payment, and total lease cost.

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That would be too easy