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Hi, I am in the market for an suv. what qualifies for conquest rebate

Great deal man. Anything similar one pay, but not Nimbus or Emerald?

Please send me the details

I’m in the same boat as you - feel free to let me know when you find something.

any celestial mettalic?

lyriq qualifies for conquest

I am looking for some more of those deals…
the nimbus sold last night.
will let you know shortly

Nimbus 1 pay for $8921 sold, but looking for a replacement.

I can find you a celestial metallic. what interior is your preference?

will do. I am looking to put together some more of the 24 month 1 pays sub $400


$795 per month if you qualify for costco and conquest and live in Texas.
Other states qualify as well.

15k miles ? Sport 2?

Any inyerior is fine , celestial metallic or maybe emerald lake in lux

Please send me a detail. I can get Conquest.

Dropping a shout out to @leaseguru2 (Greg) for helping me get a fantastic deal on an Audi eTron GT. My first time working with a broker did not disappoint!


Hi there,

could you send me numbers on the following:
Lyriq Sport 2 - 72,240 Emerald Lake metallic/ Noir Interior


Hi there - Do you have a spreadsheet with the Audi & Cadillac lease specials for May 2024 with the exception of Etron?

I have costco, conquest and can do 1 pay, looking for celestial metallic or maybe emerald lake in lux, let me know what options exist on Lyric

Hi Greg. Anything available similar to the 1 pay done recently? I am eligible for costco and conquest. Let me know. Thanks @leaseguru2

I dont have a spreadsheet as inventory is moving so fast.

The etrons have the same lease program across model lines, however the cadillacs are vin specific as it relates to rates and residuals and which cars qualify for ccr rebates.

All etrons are leasing great with an added rebate on the etron gt.
Lease programs update monthly.

In the Cadillac line, the Lyriq lease the best but have 14 different variations each having different rates amd residuals.

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