Audi loyalty qualification

Talked to 4 dealers and was given mixed answers on loyalty.
I have an audi in household (brother, I am not on insurance nor on registration) some dealers tell me I do qualify others say I do not.
Here is a screen shot from

The brother in your household, is the car registered at your home address? Is the address the same on his drivers license and yours?

Yes addresses are the same

If both your DLs and his registration have the same address, I read that as a member of household. Maybe one of the Audi folks here can confirm.

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7 Dealers said Yes, 2 Said No so far

I would count that as under same household. Same last name?

LH’ers what do you think?

  • OP is eligible for Audi Loyalty
  • OP NOT eligible for Audi Loyalty
  • Need more information
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Sounds like they helped narrow the list of dealers to go to for you

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I don’t believe you need the have the same surnames. The address on their DL must match your address, the dealers that told you no - just simply avoid their business.

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Different last name, to be precise he’s a cousin.

Well my opinion is biased so I probably shouldn’t vote :smiley:

OK my curiosity is getting the best of me with this one. First off, how did the person in your household go from being your brother to actually being your cousin? Second, did the dealers who said no explain why they said no? Is something else missing or contradictory in the story you shared with them (or the forum) regarding your ability to qualify for the loyalty program? If it were me, right after I got the first no (especially after some dealers said yes) I would have contacted Audi USA customer service directly and asked them to confirm my eligibility (since I’m sure they could have reviewed the fine print of the program for you more readily than one of the umpteen dealers you’ve contacted would probably want to in the early stages of your shopping process). And for the people who have commented that you should just go to one of the dealers who said yes, would you really want to scam an incentive if it turns out you aren’t actually eligible for it?

When the dealers that are saying yes are consistent with the advertised details of the program, it isn’t scamming it.

If there have been details withheld that make this more questionable, that’s a different story, but it seems right now that a small minority of dealerships just don’t want to dive into what a “household” is and are likely just quickly saying no since the vehicle isn’t in the OP’s name.

Of course I agree with you if it turns out that he’s eligible, he wouldn’t be scamming anything or anybody. And certainly, if dealers are saying yes cause they’re lazy or no cause they’re lazy…that’s too bad and that’s on them. I feel like it probably wouldn’t be that hard (if the OP really wants to get to the right answer) for him to have provided more details here or simply contacted Audi corporate and provided the necessary details to them. It just seems like something’s missing in the OP’s story…maybe it isn’t but I guess I’m still stuck on why he would say brother instead of cousin so I’m wondering what else is off…

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Whether it’s a cousin or a brother or a random roommate shouldn’t matter as they long as that person has an Audi registered at the same address as the OP.

Any dealer saying “No” is just lazy and/or uneducated about their own brand’s incentive programs, as mentioned above.

To be imprecise, he’s your brother?
I have an audi in household (brother, I am not on insurance nor on registration)

To be precise, he’s your cousin?
Different last name, to be precise he’s a cousin.

If you were being exact, would he be a roommate? :sunglasses:

Based on the Audi definition, I still think you qualify. But if it had been defined as “immediate family member”, I wouldn’t think you’d qualify.

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Brother - Cousin things happened due to the poor translation… but we definitely should start another poll on this! :slight_smile:

Dealers who said no, expected me to be on registration or/and title.

Not quite a roommate either as we don’t share same “room”, he is in a guest house :slight_smile:

If the dealer saying “no” is offering an otherwise good deal or has a car that you want, then I would just push back on the sales rep, have him check with his manager or finance dept, etc. Otherwise just move on.

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