Audi Lease Damage

I am sorta confused about what to do and I was hoping for some advice from this forum as you all have been great.

Went in today to lease another Audi which had lease payments of $400 a month. I told them my car has some bumper rash, but nothing that unusual for a city car (the dealership is in a major city). They inspect my leased car and tell me the car itself is loser by about $3k and they aren’t comfortable not alloting for damage. They want to “ground” the car whatever that means.

They tell me if I want them to take the car, they would have to raise the lease to $465 a month (on a 39 month lease). They were really pushing for me to just sign for the new car and have the car inspected by Audi on my own after the transaction. (I can’t and don’t want 2 cars overlapping)

I told them if I signed a new car and then got hit with a bill after for my current car that I didn’t have much of a bargaining chip.

Does anyone have any idea on my best course of action? I can’t get Audi to come inspect the car for 2 weeks and the dealer is majorily pushing to get me to sign the lease on a new car this week.

Wait, assuming your initial lease is not over yet. Get the car inspected, so you know what damage amount you are dealing with. It is still early in the month, and you should be able to get a better deal later in the month, as dealers try to hit their mid-year goals.

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You don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. When is your current lease due?


Tell them to pound sand and wait 2 weeks for the inspection. Also post your deal terms.


Wait, why are they increasing your payment but not taking over the old car damage? What’s the increase in payment for?

The $465 number assumes that they were going to take the vehicle on trade and buy out the lease, most likely.

However, they don’t actually want the car - they want you to go through the usual lease return process so they can pass on it and send it to Audi auction.

Go through the inspection process BEFORE returning the vehicle to the dealer (process known as “grounding” a lease) and see how much the damage is. Then you can decide if you just pay that or fix it before returning.

Don’t let the dealer pressure you into anything.


There’s gotta be something your not telling us about your car. Is it over or close to the mileage limit? Would the damage fail the lease return inspection? Low tire tread?

You haven’t mentioned what model Audi you have. So, check to see what the buyout of your car is compared to the approximate market listings are. Dealer might not want to take the risk if it’s an unpopular model with damage.

At the bare min, they should be able to keep you at the $400/mo payment and you can figure out what you wanna do with your current car later.

The mileage is fine. They said the car buyout price is 3000 dollars more then the car is worth.

The damage isn’t great but a lot of it is paint touch ups.

Thanks for the thoughts all.

This is correct. If they have to buy the car (lease ends aug 1st) they want to account for any damage.

Unless they’re going to give you a true clean break (which they don’t seem motivated to do) and a good deal on a new car you want, there is no reason to take a hit with two months left.

Just ride it out.


Yeah I’d let them sit on this and not give them the satisfaction of screwing you.

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Exactly. They are looking after their interests, not yours.

My 11 year old niece really wants a pony.


So did you order the pony?

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Thanks all. For those wondering what the deal was:

Msrp: 46500
1500 DAS
audicare included

It’s not a lease, its a premier purchase, so I am not sure what the interest rate is. I live in Chicago, so most dealers don’t write leases.

I read on here that certain manufacturers like Ford will waive up to $700 if you lease another Ford, does Audi have any program like that?

What you essentially have is a balloon payment…

No, it’s a closed end agreement just like a lease. However, I have no idea how the RV and MF/APR compare to leasing.

Sounds like owners choice thru BMW…

Sounds like they want to roll the perceived negative equity into the loan.

If you wait until the lease is up there wont be any negative equity.

As others have mentioned, get it inspected, if anything fails have it fixed out of pocket.

…Both audi premier purchase and bmw owners choice are balloon financing plans. They function like a lease, but they mitigate certain tax burden in certain states i.e. Illinois.

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