Audi Lease Buyout Sales Tax Question

Hello :wave:
My Audi lease is maturing in about a month and I plan to get a loan to buyout the car. I leased the car in OH and I’m living in PA.

Got a couple questions and hope someone can help answer:

  1. My car residue value is around $40k and the sales tax only shows $73 on my buyout quote from Audi. Is this normal?

  2. I used a platform try to get a loan of 40k, they calculated the PA sales tax and made it 43k, is this correct? I don’t remember if I prepaid sales tax in my monthly lease.

  3. Any good loaners with good APR to recommend?

1.That means you pay tax when you get the new title from the DMV
2. Monthly sales tax and Purchase sales tax are 2 different things, especially since you changed states. (I don’t know the exact PA sales tax)
3. Follow this link.

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