Audi Leas Numbers on a Q5

can someone please review this deal ? Looks high for a Q5

Tech Packageand the Premium Plus Package

The MSRP on this car is 49.735.

36-month lease with 12k miles per year and $3500,- downpayment ,monthly lease payment will be $580,- plus tax on approved credit.

Let me pull out my handy review board here. Yup, seems high. Wrap it up boys.


Sounds a bit high with the $3500 down. George has the Q5 for $429/mo with 0 down (not including tax, fees, 1st mo, etc), but that’s probably for a lower MSRP, and it’s only 7500 miles.

I haven’t seen really good audi hacks in the last 4 months. You might be better off just going with a broker - GeorgeCSL Lease Deals. Updated Monthly!

You can do better than that I think. I was easily able to get 10percent off on an A4 offer, no down. Monthly came out to 500 on a 2018 A4 with Prem Plus MSRP around 49k-50k as well.

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The Q5 leases worse than an A4.
This past labor day sale, my buddy was looking at the Q5 and A4 at about the same price point and ended up with an A4.
They discounted the $51K A4 by $7000 plus added $3000 in rebates including first month free.
MF was insanely low at 0.00018
Monthly came out to $475 including tax for 36/12.

The Q5 figures were coming out at $550 / month…

Glad he wasn’t picky between a sedan and crossover…