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currently leasing A6 due next month. how do i check to see if i have loyalty? Any RS etrons available? NV resident

current Audi Loyalty is for existing Audi BEV owners/leasees. $2k.

if you are truly interested, just as Sam from Audi BH used to tell people- call them. Saves 5-6 messages back and forth (ie time).

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ive text 2 different brokers on here the last 2 days as they instructed and gotten no response. insane

Hi @ChipDiamond i apologize for the delay in response. As others have mentioned, we do get overwhelmed with inquiries. Unfortunately, as our ad states, we only work with CA residents and our listing is placed in the California marketplace for that reason. Best of luck in your search!

Is there any deals for the Audi (RS) E-Tron GT under $700?

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Yes - the deal even states you can do MSD to reduce the payments to $645… if you don’t want to do your max MSDs - your due at signing would be at $6,700 instead of the advertised $6,000 - for a $700 monthly payment-- if you’re talking about effective monthly or $0 drive offs, most likely they’d give me a call first and I’d probably take another one just for the heck of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this one still available???

March programs are vastly different. The $32500 incentive is gone.

got it. thx. anything similar in an ev in southern california.

i don’t work for anyone. Just a LHer who’s been hacking Audis since 2020

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What % off msrp prior to incentives are we looking at for an in stock Q8 etron sportback? msrp 86-88k

Hi any deals for audi q5e.

Thank you

Are there Prestige trim models available?

Unfortunately only the premium plus are leasing well

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Any deal on q8 Etron sports back 36/10?
How much would that be? Premium plus

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