Audi Financial pointing me towards the dealer for a payoff quote?

Has anyone ran into this before? I emailed my sales guy and he’s a ghost so far. It feels really weird to have to get my payoff this way. The website and the automated phone system both say that, due to state regulations (I’m in Florida), I must go through the dealer. I’ve never leased an Audi but this is probably my 10th lease and I’ve never been pointed back at the dealer for a payoff quote.

I leased my S4 back in March and but have recently started working from home 4-5 days a week. I love the car but was just curious where I stand and if it would make sense to try and get out of it versus paying for it to sit in the drive way. I have under 6000 miles on it in 10 months.

Thanks in advance!


Try Vroom, carvana, Carman to get some quotes and see what the lesser headache options are.

PM me the car’s specs and payment info if you would consider a transfer!

Florida is apparently like that.