Audi Financial - Dealer Payoff

Just experienced the worst financial institution in the auto industry. Took a visit to my local CarMax to sell my S4 due to not needing a 2nd car. Payoff was 38k. After CarMax had to wait 45 minutes to get thru to someone and then another 1 hour 30 min because Audi said they will fax the dealer payoff - it’s 2020, who faxes anymore?

Audi finally faxed over a dealer payoff of 42500 - 4,500 higher than my payoff.

So if market my value for my car was lower and payoff was higher - Audi would lower my payoff - yeah right.

Not thrilled about this policy Audi has - anyone else experience this? I’ve seen a few posts similar as well.

Use the search function. This has been discussed many times.

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