Audi E tron or Alpha Giulia in the Midwest?

Hello Hackrs - so my lease on my 2018 Accord 2.0T sport has like a year left, since I don’t do much miles I checked the offers from Carvana/Vroom and they offer to take it now + extra 1500$ to me.
I am thinking of those new deals on those two cars around the Midwest (I am located in OH)
Currently paying 345 (tax included, with absolute zero down).
Can have Costco and potentially Bank Of America employee discounts.

Before I closed my deal there was a very interesting deal from Alpha Chicago - will be happy to have a guidance to a sweet deal!


Are you getting the quad?

The picture is to catch your eye :slight_smile:
But if I go for the quad I’ll buy used one and not lease (want to stay on the 300-450 range)

I’m confused what you’re asking here

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The etron does not come in red, so advantage Giulia.
Neither will be saleable on vroomvana, so advantage Accord.
You can’t go wrong with a truck in the midwest, so advantage truck!

Good luck getting an E-tron in that price range. How many miles do you need? Have you checked out the “Shared Deals” section for what some folks have paid? FWIW, most E-tron deals included $2k Audi loyalty and were for 7.5k mikes per year.

Just looking for a good deal for E-Tron or Giulia in OH area, trying to stay around the 300-450 with zero down.
:slight_smile: sorry for the long story

I’m totally fine with 7.5k a year.
I am on 14k now after two+ years

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