Audi demo info - how does it work?

Found a demo I really like and thinking about pulling the trigger but hoping to get the best deal. Here’s what I was wondering & thanks to everyone for your help! The vehicle in question is an Audi A6 & I’m in Florida

  1. Does the MF / RV change on a demo? This vehicle has 7k miles
  2. Can I still use incentives to drive down the price?
  3. Does a dealer ever title the vehicle in their name thereby voiding it from being a demo?

Any other tips / hints would be greatly appreciated.

While I see Mercedes and BMW demo deals posted all the time I’ve never, ever seen an Audi demo deal posted here which makes me think maybe they lease just as bad or even worse than a new Audi?

Audi demos take a $0.15 per mile hit. So add $1,050 to the depreciation in your case. Incentives still apply to them and the dealer can confirm if it is leasable regardless of title situations.

So far I’ve just spoken to the dealer over the phone & the salesperson didn’t seem too informed. At first he said the vehicle had 10k miles on it & they don’t lease demos. I’m going back to the same dealership I bought my current A6 from and hope that by going in person they’ll negotiate a bit more seriously

That’s what I was thinking… I’ve also noticed that Audi doesn’t offer any sort of fleet discount which MB & BMW do. I have a meeting near the dealership tomorrow so I might stop in and speak to them in person. I’ll be sure to share whatever information I find out

The mileage limit with Audi is 10k miles on demo leases, that is accurate. It’s possible if you found a listing for this car online that the miles just weren’t updated.

Good point, the pics online show 7k however they could be old pics - which could be in my favor as it would show they’ve been sitting on this car for quite some time

mine was technically used and not a demo so cant comment from experience. which one you going for and what are they offering so far ?

Is anyone familiar with any Audi incentive programs that could help?

Lots of stuff on the A6, hard to decipher though. Maybe @Jonathan can advise?

Premium FWD Sedan $2,000 - - - - - 4/30/2018 Bonus Cash
(Owner Appreciation (Non-AFS))
Premium FWD Sedan $4,000 - - - - - 4/30/2018 Bonus Cash
(Owner Appreciation (AFS))
Premium FWD Sedan $1,000 - - - - - 7/2/2018 Bonus Cash
(Customer Retention Allowance Program)
Premium FWD Sedan $1,000 - - - - - 7/2/2018 Bonus Cash
(Customer Retention Allowance Program)
Premium FWD Sedan $2,000 - - - - - 7/2/2018 Dealer Cash
(Aged Inventory Marketing Allowance)
Premium FWD Sedan $2,000 - - - - - 4/30/2018 Dealer Cash
(AFS Bonus Cash)
Premium FWD Sedan $1,000 - - - - - 7/2/2018 Bonus Cash
(Premium Market Acquisition Program)
Premium FWD Sedan $2,500 - - - - - 7/2/2018 Bonus Cash
(Audi US - Non AFS Cash Alternative)

There’s no bonus cash on the q3 or q5 for loyalty?

Siejammy, can you let me know where you found that info? I’m looking at an A6 Premium Plus Quattro and would like to have this available when negotiating.

Use and go to their incentives section

you get standard rates on a service loaner and no incentives are usable on a service loaner.

Ok, went down to the dealership and was basically told there was no way for a lease to work as they would have to buy back the $7k in miles. Salesperson said he went to the GM, I’m not sure he even understood the reasoning. Another thing is that no incentives can be applied. So in other words just another example of Audi not wanting to be competitive on leases

Wondering if anyone has done it & how it compared to other brands (MB, BMW). Tried searching but really couldn’t find anything relevant other than “Audis are terrible to lease…”