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June Audi lease deals now available!

Audi Lease Deals | Q5 Price Drop! | Omega Auto Group

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Are the deals that you post specific to a certain car?

No, the deals we post are based on any model with that same MSRP. We can get you any car as long as its available in CA. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to text, chat on our website, or call us.

Am I able to choose the color and options I want?

Yes, you just need to let us know what options you want and your top three color choices. We will locate it and put together a deal for you.

Can I get pictures of the car?

Yes, once we locate the specific car that you are interested in we are able to provide pictures.

Can it be shipped?
Yes, we offer shipping across the U.S. Even if you end up securing a deal through another broker or dealer we can have it shipped for you.

Since you are able to ship cars, does that mean you do out of state deals?

Yes, but it depends on the brand. The brands we are able to do out state deals are BMW, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lexus, and Mercedes. **Note. For Lexus, you will need to come down to CA and at least sign for the car.

Do work with other brands?

Of course! We broker deals for every car brand except Tesla.

If I have PM’d and texted, but I have not yet received a reply. What should I do?

CALL US! We try our best to respond to every text as quickly as possible, but there are certain times when we are so inundated with requests that it is possible we may not be able to respond as quickly. If that is the case, please feel free to call us, and you can speak with one of our brokers. We are working on adding more to our broker teams to improve our response time. In the meantime if you have PM’s or texted already, give us a call and we can get you squared away!

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@Omegaautogroup Nathan - I sent you a text few days ago, but got no response.

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Do you want to try texting me again? I either didn’t get it or it may have just slipped through the cracks. My cell is 8189003621

@Omegaautogroup I just sent another text, basically I am looking at the Elantra’s with 12K miles instead of 10K, what is your price OTD with tax included. I reside in OC. Thank you.

Would you have a quote for 2019 ES ultra luxury or Cadillac CT6 AWD Luxury 15,000 miles? Also, can you arrange Indianapolis delivery?


Shoot me a PM with any other options the cars need to have besides the trim. Also include your top color choices for each car.

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Can you provide the 2018 GLA pricing with 12k miles?

The loyalty rebate means you would have to be a previous owner of a Mercedes, correct? Is the 279 price after that rebate?


Hi Nathan.

Would love to see some sportier versions of some of those cars. For example:
S4 / S5 (SB) / S6
540i / 640 gt
Q50 silver / red sport
C43/63 E400/43/63


could you post for Kia Sportage and Niro? and Infiniti QX30?
lowest price trims. thanks.

I am not able to PM yet but can you offer similar deals for Toyota and VW in the Bay Area?



Omega Auto Group



Need a ‘19 QX60 with an MSRP of around $53k. We’re up here in Washington State but my business partner has relatives in CA that can sign off on the deal for him and I’d be bringing it back up here.

Hey @SLr230 PM me how many miles per year you need, how much you would like to put down, and what your top 3 color choices are. Also let me know if you qualify for the loyalty and/or VPP.

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Any baseline prices on higher trims? Like Q50 Red Sport / 540i / S5 (sportback) / SQ5 / E400 and/or AMG sedan, etc?

do you do Business with PA?

Do you support IL as well?


Thank you for posting these deals, it’s super helpful! I have a somewhat of a dumb question for you – on the Mercedes deals you mention “loyalty rebates”. Does this mean that the rebates are already included in the price (and are available for everyone) or do you have to be a previous owner in order to get those deals? If they are available to everyone, is it possible to add the loyalty discount on top of those prices?

Appreciate you answering my questions!

@gladware1 and @Ranjithrkumar,

We mainly offer our services to clients in CA, AZ, NV, OR, UT, and WA.

Hey @Emily,

The Loyalty rebates are already included in our pricing, so you would need to have a Mercedes in your household to qualify.

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Got it, thank you so much!