Audi Care for S4 Prestige 36/12

Any consensus on if Audi Care is a must have for a 36/12 S4?

I’ve always had in the past but not sure I will have the car beyond the 20k service. That said residual bump is nice just curious if there is a general consensus.

If you don’t plan on keeping the car past the 20k mark, it wouldn’t really benefit you to get Audicare. There is a residual bump of 1%, but it’s still a cost to you.

Thanks Donny. And again thank you for your asset on the P + numbers.

If I held for through the 30k mark does it tip the scale you think to getting it or would the same advice apply?


At 30k it makes a bit more sense, since it is residualized. It really comes down to at what point are you getting back more or atleast the same as your cost?