Audi care for 2 yr lease worth it?

Thinking of leasing etron for 2 yrs/10k. not sure if its worth it, annual service seems like a money grab??

??? What service does an EV need in 2 years?

Look at the sticker. First maintenance should be free. Just turn it in before you hit 20k miles.

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Haha yes they’re def trying to keep it as a tradition. Tesla used to have a maintenance schedule too but backtracked after their service centers got bogged down.

Good to know!! Thanks

It’s a bunch of inspections, I bet dealers hate these things, probably very reliable for an Audi. I curious what kind of deals can be had on these when they are used in a couple of years. I assume they are will very reliable, but you never know with those Germans, I’m sure they could make an EV over complicated and break.

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