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Hindsight is 2020. Never needed costco

Literally 2020

Or 2023 when the last Audi promo was running

Reminder that if you join and don’t end up using it, you can let your membership lapse and reactivate it in the future, but if you don’t have a membership 1 day before auto programs start, you’re SOL.


Awesome - thanks!

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Hindsight is 2020 again. I had costco sometime ago but lapsed. lol

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Reactivate your old membership. Your “member-since” date should be when you originally joined.


Thanks. Let me see if this works. If it does, I wouldn’t know how to thank you

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Got Q5 today. Very easy & no hassle. Kudos to Sam

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How much for 12k miles on the q5?

Add 32$ to the price above!

Q8 etron got rekt in September’s programs. Guess we’ll wait for October now.

What changed for the Q8e?

MF roughly doubled and lease cash went from $7,500 or $8,500 down to $5,000. I guess they sold enough in August.

It is still a good lease for the car you get. Slightly worse than last month but not horrible.

A6 is premium or premium plus? At premium not a solid deal at all

BMW X3M or SQ5? 36/10k miles?

Yes please text us 818-263-0533

What does the lease market look like for RS 5 Sportbacks?

It would look a bit similar to this!

Im looking for an 2024 Audi Q8 Etron, 36 months 10k miles, Loyalty and Costco NO MSD!

Please call us for more details 818-263-0533