Audi buyout and resale to third party in Florida


Hi Guys!

I tried to find more info here, but I am not sure still what is the process for it.

I would like to sell my leased A4 for my friend.
What we should do?
He wants to finance it.
Can I buy it and than sell it to him without pay double tax?

I would try treating the situation the same as if you had financed the car.

Get all of your payoff information, exact amount, addresses, etc. If he’s financing his bank will need that.

His bank sends a check to Audi Financial for the payoff amount. They send a separate check to you for any amount over the payoff amount. Audi Financial sends the title to his bank

I am not sure it will be this easy.

That’s how it usually works, considering he’s a friend it should be very quick.
He pays the TAX btw.

Florida, you say? You’re probably SOL.

In Florida the bank won’t even sell the car to you, the original lessee, AFAIK. They’ll tell you to go thru a dealer which means a doc fee of ~$999 in addition to TTL.

So you can forget about selling it to your buddy unless he is willing to pay an OTD purchase price that covers the doc fee + your TTL + his TTL.

Well, that is not really good news.
So if I will sell the car I have to pay Tax anyway?
If I transfer the lease I will be still responsible for it.
Looks like this was my first and last Audi…

In this case, you will be paying tax no matter who the lessor is when you purchase the car. Unless of course you live in a state where all the tax is paid upfront (e.g. TX, VA… hmm is there double taxation?).

The silver lining here is that at least there’s still that option. MBFS and Ally lessees are stuck now after lease transfers were suspended, and others don’t do transfers at all (Chase, CCAP). Just have to be aware of what you’re signing up for.

Edit: I think someone posted a MBFS update. Transfers allowed in the event of the death of the lessor; or if it’s in the state of CT whereby the original lessor is still responsible.

Just call Audi Financial, tell them you’re selling the vehicle to another person and clarify the process. All you’re doing here is worrying yourself over nothing but speculation.

The only way you’re paying tax is if you buy the car, in your name (thus paying the tax), and then your friend then buys the car from you, having to pay the tax again.

Your friend can take over the lease and next day buy it from Audi Finance. You know better if You can trust this individual