Audi, BMW, Lexus CPO Lease under $300

There is not a whole lot of information out there on CPO leases. Does anyone think it’s possible to lease something like a 2013 BMW 528i CPO for under $300 per month? Or anything similar from Audi/Lexus?

This is exactly the same type of lease I’m looking for (car style + price range)… 36/12k in FL with $0 down. Extremely interested if anyone can shed any light on this.

I’m willing to do $2,000 out of pocket and 10k miles.

Currently leaning towards Ally Financial used car leases.
Looking for a '14 Audi S7
To keep under 500/ month

Also looking for the same exact thing in Northern CA. 15k/24 or 36 with close to $0 down and $300/mo.

Would love to do a 3 series in Southern California at that price point.

Any info on a program like this would be great.

Unrelated to my Audi inquiry
Went to Lexus looking at a CPO '14 IS250 AWD F-Sport.
Lexus financial offers CPO leases.
22k miles
MSRP 31,995
Cap Cost 29,499
Tax 1,489
Dealer/state fees 450
Total price 31,439
Residual 18,101
15k/year 36 month

Payments at 388

Nah, I’d pass, you can get a new IS200t for around 300 tax in.

I don’t think these CPO leases are going to be what people want them to be.