Audi and Volkswagen data breach

Looks like personal info of 3.3 million Audi/VW customers was leaked along with social security numbers and drivers license info for some. I haven’t received notification from Audi that my info was affected but Firefox monitor told me they found my email address in the breach.

You can find out if your data was compromised (but not which data) at

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I got a letter a week ago that was pretty much just “sorry” and you can sign up for free fraud/credit monitoring.


There are requirement by state that need to be followed. You can be sure that they will do no more nor less then those specific requirements.

That is the VW Corporate I remember


I got the same letter too and one of the unfortunate ones to have my personal information exposed. There is a class action lawsuit filed against VW\Audi. I’m pretty sure all the damages awarded by judge will go to pay the lawyers fees.

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