Audi A8L 2019 Lease

This is my first question here.

So, I was leasing a 2015 A8L and now 2019 A8 L is here. Earlier this summer the dealership called me in to reserve one and we did. The car has arrived but I have no obligation to lease or buy it. Which is a good thing. The car is $98k minus $4k Audi Rebate net is $94k. The dealership is asking for $15k down payment so that I can have a manageable $1.2k payment each month. I think this is a rip off deal. Thoughts? Can someone here work with me determining if what I am doing is is right or I am being taken for a ride!

Thoughts will be appreciated.

You don’t post the terms/MF/RV, so how is anyone supposed to help?

$15k down with $1.2k payment for a $98k MSRP car should be classified as theft…

Thats an effective monthly of $1.7k per…

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So, I took a screen shot of the paper work the dealership has sent me. Please take a look and give me your opinion.


Any hints will be appreciated.

What is the MSRP?

Hi, the MSRP is: $98496

Do you think it’s reasonable that they’re offering you a zero dollar discount on a ninety eight thousand dollar car?

$60,170.85 for 36k miles of an Audi has to be one of the worst offers I’ve ever seen in my life. $1.67 per mile. Wow. I would run, not walk, from this dealership.


60k in 36 months… get a pre owned S8 and just enjoy till the maintenance kicks in.


From what i can tell, it all actually looks legit, you are not getting any discount and the MF is high from what i can put together from your screenshot. Look at the residual. You are at 49.5% residual, that is terrible, but to be expected on these big flagship sedans. I don’t know much about Audis but can tell you from looking at this, might as well go get an S class instead.

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Read the Leasing 101 blogs to at least understand the basics of leasing, then come back and ask meaningful questions.


Run as fast as you can away from this dealer

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hi Jon, thanks for the guidance.

I am getting a $4000 discount. Which will bring the MSRP to $95k.

You are not getting a $4k discount. You are getting $0 discount with a $4k rebate. Also, MSRP never changes.


The MSRP doesn’t change. Follow Jon’s guidance, we can’t even begin to assist you until you know the basic terminology.

Or just sign the deal and post it in the “share deals” section!!!

@amazing create a profile and request the following:

“Looking for MF and Residuals on a 2019 Audi A8L 3.0T 36 months / 36,000 miles, along with any incentives in zip code XXXXX”

Also, please confirm the MSRP. Residuals are typically a whole percentage amount - the residual ($48,797.50) / MSRP (you’re stating $98,496) is 49.54%. It will likely be either 49% or 50%. Is it possible that the MSRP is $97,595? That would be exactly 50%. Did they add some other coverage or expense for $901 ($98,496 - $97,595)?

Also, weird there isn’t an acquisition fee.

I actually want to know what you leased the 2015 A8L for…


I thought the same thing, and fear the answer won’t be pretty, but let’s help this person get a deal this time!

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No deal to be had with the atrocious residual and it’s still very new.