Audi A4 vs C300

Hi everyone, this is my first time leasing a car!

I am looking to lease either an A4 (50k MSRP) or a C300 (55k MSRP).

Apart from the MSRP, in which of the two could I expect a bigger discount and a better deal. Also what kind of discount could I expect.

Thank you for the help!

C300 sedan loaners can be had for 20-25% off MSRP with ~60% 3 yr residual values. They lease very well. Havent been looking at Audis. Also, Volvo S60/S90 lease well despite horrid residuals, with 30-35% off MSRP on new ones (if you qualify for all the incentives).

If pricing- C300s have better pricing. If it wasn’t about the price- I’d go for the new a4. Better car overall.

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