Audi A4 P+ quote

I got this quote from a New York City Audi dealership. Prices have been high so far, but let me know if this is any good:

2019 Audi P+ Quattro
MSRP: $49,000
Negotiated Sale: $46.550
Incentives: $2000
Residual: 48%
MF: .00014 (which is very low from what I’ve seen)
Lease term: 39 months
Down payment: $0
DAS: $1100 (first month + fees)
Payment: $599/mo (includes tax) or $614 (if Audi Care is added)

So final price is like 10% off msrp including incentives. Lowest I’ve seen so far. Can I do better?

This deal is average, but I would try to get them to discount the car by another $2000. Ideally, you want to aim for a total of $7000-$8000 of the MSRP on these A4’s. They depreciate hard in the first few years. Never hurts to say that you need another $2000 off to make the deal. You can always say you went to Dealer “ABC” and they did an extra 2k off to what they are doing…see what they say, but be reasonable. If they are not budging, tell them you will get a similar car for $60 less (like an S60, Q50, etc…) In many cases, it works! They need to move cars one way or another. Most will just give you that additional discount to make the deal.

I helped a friend get an ($50k MSRP) A4 with AudiCare in December for $566/month with $554 DAS. Also in NYC.

However, there was over $3k in incentives (season of Audi) so your deal is comparable. You can PM me for dealer info to see if he can beat this. He definitely got very aggressive once I presented competing offers.

wait until march unless in a massive rush.

what kind of incentives are out march? my lease expires in march so i got a month left.