Audi A4 P+ Lease! Is it good?!

MSRP: 49,100
Discounts: 4,030
Net Price: 45,070
Fees: 1,265
Rebates: 3,000
Residual 54%
MF: 0.00059
36/10k - $1500 Down
Total: $530/month (Including Taxes)

Should I take this deal? It was after negotiation via email.

I’ve been negotiating for an A4. I found at least one dealer who would sell for 15% of MSRP. The only catch with his deal is a higher money factor. This discount is slightly over 8%.

Getting lower than my monthly after tax? Or higher? It’s tough to know what a good deal is with Audi’s leasing pretty poorly…

What are the discounts? Did you run it through the calculator on Leasehackr?

A4 are super common models and based on how much they discount in the fall/winter for the holidays, I’d think you can do better especially now as it is approaching the fiscal end of year for car dealers.

Give them a call and negotiate a bit on the phone - that usually makes them feel more inclined to discount as they know you are a consumer not an internet troller…

If its any help I just picked up my new A4 Prem + today and thought it was a decent deal:

MSRP: $46,100
Selling Price: $40,568 before rebates and cash down. 12% Discount
Rebates: $4000 ($1000 Test Drive Rebate on top of standard $3K Lease rebate)
Cash Down: $2000 covering fees, DMV and 1st month.
MSD: 9 @ $375 each
MF: Reduced to .00014
Residual 55%
Lease: 36/7,500
Payment: $355/mo including taxes

Wow, cobra77 that looks good. Audi dealer down the road is doing 10K or so off most of the A4 inventory (Prestige included). I’d love to get a lease like that.

@cobra77 Awesome deal. Working on one myself. Where was your dealer?

Northern NJ, NYC area.

Looks like a good deal! Congrats. What’s the test drive rebate? Was that a dealer incentive or a manufacturer incentive?

Unsolicited mail campaign from corporate. Got something in the mail in mid May. $75 gift card for going in for a test drive and also $1000 off certain models.

If you don’t mind me asking, which dealership?

Did you sign up for a mailing list or …? Just wondering how they knew to send it to you.

No way to know why i was targeted. Didn’t sign up for anything. Mailing lists are generated in all sorts of ways. Maybe they new my lease was coming due and I had a competing brand.

I am in market and gathering quotes. Here is the best I got on 2018 A4 Premium plus in Washington state. Thoughts welcome.

Lease numbers for 36mnth/10k miles lease:
MSRP - $48,885.00
Selling price - $41,036.55
Down payment - $2000
Monthly - $468 (incl tax)