Audi A4 40 Premium Sedan Lease


1100 DAS and $460 per month. Includes Costco discount, audi care. The guy on phone said MF was .00079 RV 54%. Includes Audi Care. Thoughts on how to get price down?

Reach out to more dealers. I would aim for at least 12% off MSRP pre-rebates. Did you include the cost of Audicare in the calculator? RV gets bumped up by 1% with AC (Not sure if you already accounted for that). Have you confirmed numbers for RV, MF and incentives on the Edmunds Forum?

Thanks for replay. agreed, need more dealers. Edmunds says .00029 MF and 54% RV (Including Audi Care). Incentives should be $2000, not $1500 like the dealer offered me on the phone.

I am in the process of negotiating this car as well. Best offer I got so far for a bit more expensive car $40,125 is $449, no money down for 36m/15k. And this include a $850 negative trade. So yours should be way lower! Also this is with 0.00049 MF and 51% Residual. (Includes audi care)

Thanks! Information always helps. After tweaking the calculator with new info, my goal is $1k DAS, $395 payment

What pre-incentive discount will get you to that payment?

12% off MSRP

Good luck with that.

Did you get 12% off MSRP finally?

No luck at that dealership. 1100das/460 monthly was the best and final… Called 3 other dealerships, similar deals, best I found was $450das/$450 monthly (includes taxes fees and Audi care). Ended up getting a 2020 BMW 5 Series loaner for $494 DAS and $494 monthly (includes taxes fees maintenance). $59k MSRP.