Audi A3 lease offer

The salesman acted like this was a great deal. I am not so sure? Opinions? This is a Kentucky dealership 6% sales tax

2018 Audi Q3 4 dr Wgn 2.0 quattro Premium Plus AT

MSRP $43350
Sales price $40,619
Lease cash $1500
Money down $0

36 months/12,000 miles
Monthly payment $569

I also got a quote on a Lexus Nx and before I left the sales manager was begging me to buy a car this month and indicating that they would sweeten the deal. I got nothing like that from the Audi guy.

That deal is not good. Everyone here will tell you to get below 1% of Msrp for your payment. You’re not even close.

I’ve been negotiating for a few days now.

As others will tell you, Audi is not a great lease, but deals can happen. Right now Ive gotten close to 550/mo for a s3 with 0 down. 10k/36mo.

Theres even a poster who reported numbers suggesting a loaded a4 can be had for less than 500/mo.

It takes alot of time. Patience. Buy be aware they wont back down easily. And most managers seem to forget that they keep saying “this is MY final offer” after every inch you gain as if they are doing you a huge favor.

For your car, try to negotiate down the msrp to at least 10%. The lease cash and any added incentives (1st lease payment covered) will help you get close to the 1% rule. Its hard with Audi and some other brands because of the poor residual.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for replying! That is crazy…Yep, I’m way off. You’d think in December they’d be anxious to move cars…

This was so helpful, thank you! A couple of questions if you have time.

  1. by “negotiate down the msrp to at least 10%” does that mean I should try to get an offer price that is 10% off the MSRP?
  2. The residual on an Audi is poor? Meaning it doesn’t hold its value? I thought they were supposed to be GREAT cars

Thank you for taking time to reply. My ex always took care of car negotiating for me; this is the first time I’ve had to go it alone. I think the salesmen see me coming with the deer-in-the-headlights look and race one another to get to me :slight_smile:

Yes, they mean negotiate 10% off of MSRP.

Also, don’t bother going into the dealer at all. Find the model you are interested online and send an inquiry on the price. You should do this with several dealers in your area to see who gets you the best discount off of MSRP and then go from there.