Audi 2018 Q7 Lease

I got some numbers on the lease
Audi q7 with adaptive cruise and ventilated seat vison package

its 2018 Q& PP+

Sale price 66500
42 month 10K miles per year lease
Also, they included 3538 as Taxes, I did have a trade-in, other dealer said it will be only 832 because of trade in. I don’t know how this works.

The quote is 1083.86 with 1084 down

please advise
I am from Houston

That looks ridiculously high but don’t know without you posting the MF. Put it in the standard format and people will give you good advice. There’s a dealer on here name Ivan that is good for this kind of stuff.

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Thanks ,let me ask about money factor and will update

what do you mean “they included the 3538 as taxes”?

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Because of trade in one dealer only added 832 as tax and this one I mentioned taxed entire cost that is 70000

They are rolling about 10k of negative equity. Would make any deal look bad.


@IvanAudi, Hello can you please take a look?

Yes but I have trade assistance from Audi about 7 k and 3000 rebate which will knock off the negative equity

Ok, so its about 3k higher than it should be. All other Q7 leases are going to look better as they have that 3k included

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You’re still paying for the lease by adding that 10k in negative equity and at an inflated MF. Remove the second car, visit edmunds and find the MF/RV/incentives being offered, unless this needs to happen by the end of this month, you may be better waiting until next month. In Texas you can put down MSDs to lower the MF. You can also ask dealers to give you a break on the taxes up to 5%. I haven’t been following q7s but if you look at q5 deals here you can get a good idea of discounts off MSRP before incentives, I assume q7s should lease the same.

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I don’t know much about that,Msrp is 70000 and sale price after including all rebate, trade assistance and adding negative equity its


I have to do it this month because of Trade assistance, they said they cant give any tax break.Also they said they cant do it unless I do 9 MSD

Is “trade assistance” actually a real thing or just shifting numbers? Like could I go in $5k upside down on a GM and erase it with an Audi lease?

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Audi gave 10% off msrp on any Audi car because the last q7 I bought had issues

FWIW you can sign up for ANAC and get 6% off, so them kicking you another 4% is a joke IMO, you’re getting taken for a ride.

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What? So you are saying that they’re so benevolent that they’re giving you 10% off MSRP if you roll $10k negative in?

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they won’t give you 5% break on taxes either unless you pony up 9 MSDs? please DM me the dealer so I know who not to work with in Houston when I go looking for my SQ5, since there are only two anyway…

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No.They are not

Even I do 9 they said they wont do tax credit