Attempting Dodge Hornet Hack

The exemption doesn’t prohibit him from contacting the person in Washington to see what else they could add to his negotiations and search.

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Found all taxes and fees included?

Ok but even if $329 is the effective, who wants a Hornet for that much?

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Doesn’t specify the due at signing anywhere. That ad could say exactly the same thing with TTL included or excluded since it doesn’t specify what you’re paying upfront.

It says very clear that all fees are listed here and included.
Probably if i will call them they will say that this is a TYPO. LOL.

Here we go.

What it doesn’t say anywhere is how much is due at signing.

So $399 with $0 due at signing TTL not included or $399 with $3000 due at signing TTL included could both be covered by the ad language of $0 down payment due at signing.

Ok but who cares? $0 DAS and $329 for a Hornet is a hard pass.

I am very skeptical for those ads but they sent me text as You can see above.

That also doesn’t specify how much is due at signing. It simply says “$0 down” which is not necessarily the same as $0 due at signing.

Agree, For LHs is bad , but not for walk in customers.

$0 DAS confirmed via text.
Not unicorn, but not a bad deal at all, IMO.

As long as it was a different text than the one you posted

Smells like an incoming bait and switch


Anyone contemplating this, ask them to see the proposed contract

Have seen it time and time again in this specific situation.

And what payment/DAS do you get when plugging this all into LH calc? Post link.

No clue. Do not have time to search for incentives etc. Sorry.

No time?! Putting the calc together on your deal will only help you learn what is really going on.