Atlas S 4Motion good deal?

Hi all,

I got this quote for a local broker on Long Island
VW Atlas S 4Motion
DAS: Taxes, bank fee, first payment and plates
MSRP $36,100
Good deal?
Don’t have more details.

Too much. Check edmunds for MF,RV, lease cash and I believe the have $1k rebate. Ask for full details before signing. Ask for the lease worksheet.

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Target minimum of 10% of MSRP before lease cash, rebates and incentives.

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Thank you.
Any other suggestion is more than welcome

I just rented one of these for a 5 hour drive. I wouldn’t take this vehicle at $85 per month. Also, search for cooling system issues on this truck.

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Tbf, they have the most outstanding customer support when it comes to atlas. If you have problems, they’ll take care of you and once you reach the state mandated lemon law, they’ll replace your atlas with the same spec at no additional cost and you can pick your color. Loaner will be SEL premium. That’s what my neighbor, he’s on his 2nd lemon. 3 different colors. I just got an atlas too but I got the se w/tech 4motion. If mine breaks, i’ll Change my color too.

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Lease it for sure, it’s one of the comfiest at this price range. Since I can’t afford the suburban.

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Cough cough Durango GT cough


Only one problem with Durango, the one that I want is the SRT. If Durango trim stopped at GT i’ll Be satisfied, but there’s that SRT you see.

I have the R/T and it’s plenty, I couldn’t justify the SRT as I had a 500$ hellcat as well.

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Love your garage

You have SO much more patience for crap cars than I do. Sure, they do all that stuff for you and it’s “free”, but the inconvenience of continuously taking it in for service would make me want to stab people in the eyeball.

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@thc1967 yup, after my 3rd car on lemon within 5 years, nothing bothers me now. I’m enjoying the loaner cars they gave me. I always came out positive on all of my lemoned cars. Elantra, 328d and volt is the most current one. I think this is next.

Ooof, this is no good. That comes out to roughly $419 with roughly $3k DAS (on a $36k car), if you want me to help you direct message me.