Aston Martin DB11 Lease Vs CPO


Need some wisdom fellow hackers:

Any suggestions on negotiating left over 2018 DB11s? What is a good deal vs great deal ? Looking at 2 year, 5k miles per year.

More importantly , Is said good/ great deal financially better than buying a CPO and sell in 2 years after 10k miles.

This would be my first exotic brand. I have only leased Honda, BMWs and Acuras. Is there anything different about exotic leases before jumping in?

I have spotted a color combo I like for lease, but still a little hesitant in leasing a 2018 priortizing colors or buying Certified Preowned 2017s priortizing low miles for lower depreciation. Hoping to land under 45k for cost of ownership over 2 years. Still got sometime left in my current lease, so looking to deal Fallish.


There have been a couple AM lease deals or at least ads posted here before.

I’ll add another data point regarding buying:

Buddy of mine bought a leftover Rapide for $75K off $225k MSRP. Traded it in almost 3 years later for a little less than 100, I don’t think he even tried that hard, just wanted to roll 0 to little negative into his next car

So depreciation of 50k plus the tax on the 150

DB11 should do better on depreciation


I think I got a decent deal on lease terms, including taxes, 5k miles. 24 month, about $4/mile. That feels about right. I just have no basis of comparison.