Asking about Volvo monthly payment


I noticed that Volvo doesn’t accept a credit card for the monthly payment.
That is really odd to me, so others do the same as Volvo?

GM Financial doesn’t either. Doesn’t seem very strange to me

BMW financial and Ally don’t accept credit cards either…

Are there any that do accept credit cards? I’ve never had a lease that allowed credit card payments.


Never heard of one that accepts CCs.

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Most places won’t let you pay debt with debt.

Ford does not accept CC neither.

And 3 ish % CC charges pile up quick on tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of customer payments

Which car manufacturer DOES accept credit cards for monthly payments? Lol. Pay one debt with another debt, sounds fun.

Prob best to close this thread. I think we all agree that none do, unless someone comes out of left field :slight_smile:

None accept CC AFAIK. Would be poor business practice if they did.

Can’t churn with a car note.