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How would you “turn in your car early”? Leases don’t work like that.

I used the wrong terminology, essentially I want to get out of my lease.

Assuming you drive the same amount over the next 18 months, that puts you at 40k for the lease duration (10k over). Find out what Subaru charges for mile overage, then just do the math. At 0.20/mile, that would put you at $2000. Compare that to your monthly for the next 18 months and develop a sliding scale for payoff vs extra miles. The other option is to see what carvana/vroom/carmax will give you for your car now and compare that to your payoff- miles wont matter in that case.

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Thank you!!! I’ll run some numbers and see which makes sense.

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Quick question. Can a non dealership charge a doc fee? I work for a company that leases units. The ones that we sell we have been charging a doc fee but we do not have a dealership license.

How do you lease cars without a dealership license?

Sounds like they are acting as a finance company of the leases, in essence its an acquisition fee and that sounds fine.

We lease tractor trailers to big companies. Then when the lease is up we sell them to end users.

Yes that’s correct

Looking for MF and residual value lease deals 36/15; incentive and rebates for 2020 G90 5.0 RWD. VIK black exterior, beige and black interior. $0 drive off. locations: broward, dade, palm beach, martin and lee counties in Florida.

Edmunds is the best resource for that data. We don’t have access to it here.

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thanks for the lead. will followup.

Hey All,

I signed my last lease in 2017 on an F150 that is now coming due. I’m not able to get any similar full size truck to have a payment within $150 of what i’m currently paying. From what I’ve read and heard 2016/17 was the peak for cheaper leases. Going back through this thread there were some comments in 2018 about rising interest rates and how leases aren’t as appealing anymore. I’m wondering, now in 2020 what is the leasing outlook? Fed’s have cut rates 4 times now. Does that have any impact going forward? I’m also in Wisconsin which is not a big leasing state. Hard to find deals, without have to pay shipping or driving 1,000 miles home.

Look into extension while you shop.

Tundra are leasing very well using the right bank.

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The cheap f150 lease from that time frame was due to a RV set too high because the data hadn’t come in on the new gen f150 yet. Plus Ford had various rebates that when stacked by clever dealers could net 8-12k in rebates on the right customer and get those insanely low payments. In my world those are like holes under the waterline on a boat and we try to plug those as quickly as possible.

Ally and US Bank have some MAJOR holes in their boat on these tundra and Tacoma RVs but they apparently don’t care or don’t know. Those would be your only opportunity for a good truck lease these days in the same ballpark as your f150 payment.


I have a feeling that Toyota must know this by now, no? How are they not taking any steps to plug these holes on the dealer end? They can’t be thrilled about seeing all these trucks drive off lots without their own finance arm getting a piece of the action.

Problem is, how would they plug them without taking a bath themselves in 2 years? They can’t force USBank or Ally to use different residuals since they don’t own them. The only thing they could do would be meet or beat their numbers, ultimately costing them money in the process when this metal comes back in 2 years.


I’ve heard other posters here mention that Toyota’s policy with franchised dealers is that they must offer TFS financing in the first instance and use third parties as an alternative. If a dealer has too many third party deals going through and not enough TFS deals to make it look like they at least tried I could see that causing some issues.

Toyota and TFS aren’t concerned with where US Bank and Ally set their RVs on the Toyota products. They see their crazy low penetration on the Tacoma and Tundra lease volume but don’t chase the business with ultra risky RVs.

What is worrying is that Toyota has increased the option content available on Tundra to where there are much bigger MSRP spreads for the same SR5 trim level. If those packages aren’t very visually distinct from the exterior, auction bidders don’t know which trucks have which packages so their bids don’t line up with true content value. This means the lender is taking much higher risk levels when they residualize a $4k package at 60-75%.

Ally and US Bank are the ones that are really going to be seeing the big losses on all the 24-27mo lease volume.