👠 Ashleigh's May BMWs: X7 loaner - 16% off; electric - 11% off; X3 30i and X5 40i - 10% off; X3 M40i - 8% off!

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Yup, I see it. Catching up on some inquiries right now before I have to be somewhere in a bit!

I’m back from my trip (and worked the whole time, hah) and finishing catching up. The good news is that I have discounts from a dealership where we can ship nationwide, so let’s go!

Here are the most popular models; please ask about others:

228ix - 10% off
330ix - 10% off
330ex - 6% off
M340ix - 5% off
4 series - 8% off any trim
i4 eDr35, eDr40, xDr40, and M50 - 10% off
530ix and 540ix - 9% off
i5 eDr40, xDr40, and M60 - 10% off
740ix and 760ix - 10% off
i7 eDr50 and M60 - 11% off
8 series - any trim - 9% off
M8 - any trim - 10.5% off
X3 xDr30i - 9% off
X3 M40i - 8% off
X5 xDr40i - 9% off
X7 xDr40i - 8% off
X7 M60i - 6% off
iX xDr50 - 8% off
iX M60 - case-by-case - 8-10% off

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Just sent an inquiry.

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I have a bunch of aged inventory that needs to go at high discounts. This includes a Z4 M40i at 8.5% off!

There are a bunch of electric cars at 11% off, SUVs at 10% off (X7 is 9%), etc. I have an M440ix GC (hard to find) at 9% off too! I will beat other brokers’ offers on these, and my fee is only $500.

Here are the cars:
X3 xDr30i - with M sport - 10% off
X5 xDr40i - with M sport - 10% off
X7 xDr40i - 9% off
M440ix GC and 430ix cp - 9% off
760ix - 11% off
Z4 M40i - 8.5% off
i4 (any trim in stock), i5 (any trim in stock), iX (no M60s in stock), and i7 (any trim in stock) - 11% off

There are a few more that I’m waiting to hear back on as well.

Fill out my form for more information!

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I sent an inquiry yesterday.

Sorry, I’m working through them! Partially taking a few days off put me behind, and I came back to two sick parents. Please message me your name so I can prioritize your inquiry. Thanks!

10% off in-stock X5s that don’t have M sport through the end of the month! Shipping is okay from this dealership!

Here are some of the aged units I posted:

X3 with M sport - please contact me for pricing without loyalty.
$597 + tax per month with $2,050 + registration at signing.

All aged i4s are 11% off. This is the cheapest one. Subtract $1,000 from incentives if you don’t have loyalty or corporate.

$455 + tax (no tax in NJ) with $1,900 + tax on incentives at signing. MSDs drop it to $425.

i7 eDr50. Contact me for numbers without loyalty.

$967 + tax (if applicable) per month with $2,400 + tax on incentives + registration at signing. MSDs drop it to $903.

$500 broker fee. Let’s move some cars!

Is the x3 an M40?

Sorry, just a 30i. I’m doing 8% off M40is.

Can u send the hackr link for x3 m40i? Also is this a lease offer or full finance?

I appreciate the confirmation. Thanks for the quick response!

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I think those are mostly orders. Please fill out my form: https://www.bmwleasedeals.com/free-quote-request

I’ll need to know things like your zip, if you have loyalty, and what colors and options you want.


I just got a juicy list of aged units and demos. I’m waiting on discounts and what’s saleable, but here’s a sampling. Get in line now! Please just fill out my form and do not message me about these. I don’t need people going behind my back. :slight_smile:

Here are some of the available cars:
2023 740i (RWD) demo.
430ix cope demo.
iX xDr50 demo.
i7 M70
M850ix CV
M850ix GC
A slew of electric cars.

Here is a NEW i7 xDr60 - 11.5% off. Must be signed for by the end of the month.

These numbers require loyalty. Fill out my form for pricing without loyalty.

36/10 lease.

$1,095 + tax per month with $3,015 + registration + tax on incentives at signing. MSDs drop it to $1,024. This car has no tax in NJ.

Really your not gonna talk about that ix loaner you got lol

I won’t have numbers on it until tomorrow. The used car department is closed. That’s why I asked people to submit my form. That way, I can send quotes with the correct tax, etc. first thing tomorrow when I get the numbers.

just submit the inquiry form.

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submitted an inquiry

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@tien113 and @bak41 - thank you! I’m answering everything in the order received, so I’ll get back to you sometime tonight!

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