👠 Ashleigh's June BMWs: New up to 14% off; X7 - 10% off; 330 - 10%; electric - up to 12% off; X3 30i - 9% off!

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thanks. got it

Are you only interested in one with DA pro?

@Ashleigh Is there any i4 deals on a 24/15k lease?

24-month leases are hundreds more than a 36-month lease because the residual is only 4% more. You’re better off doing 36 months and transferring it.

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I have a loaded X5 50e in stock and ready to go. You must sign in person in Maryland, no exceptions.

Hi Ashleigh,

New here and sent over the form for the i4xdr40 Msport and sent a text. Also mentioned other cars I’m interested if this is no longer available…… looking to sign/take on a car asap.

What else should I be doing to move this ahead as I haven’t heard anything yet. NOT coming with an attitude, just trying to ensure I’m doing all the right stuff. Thanks!

Hey! I sent you a text at 4:32PM. I can send another one now! :slight_smile:

Thanks I appreciate that speedy response :slight_smile:

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Hi Ashleigh! Looking to get my wife into an x3, just filled out your form and look forward to hearing from you soon

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Hi Ashleigh, I filled out the form yesterday looking for a i7 xDrive60. 36/10 or 12K.

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Just a heads up:
I will be mostly unavailable on Monday. Among other things, I’m going into Manhattan/the office for my regular job.



Stop by billionaires row, ill bring you to the top


Wait, what?!? You don’t sell cars full time? :slight_smile:

Trust me, I put in more than full-time hours for this.


Hey there Ashleigh, just filled out the inquiry form. Looking at iX 50. 36/12. Sent build link as well. Thanks!

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Hi I just talked to Todd. Wondering if this vehicle is still available?

Yes it is! I see you filled out the form; I’m just finishing up everything from yesterday from when I wasn’t working.

Yes, I also sent you an email this morning :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

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Is this still available?

Yes it is.