Around $800 lease-sub 5 second-sedan or coupe-fits in 1% rule

I am very close to buying a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quad. 85k sticker and they are selling for 63k with 600 miles on it. I would rather lease a car. I like knowing the cost of the car ahead of time instead of worrying about selling or trading it in. I would only keep the car 3 years. I have been looking for a while here in SW FL and I am totally fed up with the dealers. What cars would you recommend me look at? I am comfortable up to $1000 a month for 36/12. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car needs to fit a 12yo in the back seat and do 0-60 in less than 5 seconds but sub 4 would be preferred. The biggest requirement is it needs to be a good deal. As close to the 1% threshold as possible.

Audi S4 in the 500s or possibly below.

BMW M3 in the 800-1,000 range

Maybe E43 AMG if you need something larger

Thanks Max. S4s have dried up around here but I can extend my search. From reading MF and residuals on the M3 and E43 it seemed to me they cannot get close to the 1% threshold.

Have you looked at the BMW 550?

My 2 cents: life is too short for imagined internet rules. Just get the car you’ll enjoy the most


I am going to look at it right now.

I can afford the quad and regular maintenance. My concern is after the warranty is done and then a major repair is needed on a Ferrari engine costs could skyrocket. That is why I love leasing and the possible included maintenance and bumper to bumper warranty. Noting seems to be leasing very well in my price range right now.

That seems like a good deal on the Gulia. Don’t you think you could sell in 3 years and come out for less than 800/month?

The resale will be horrible and the one year maintainence is $2000 a year. You are better off buying a m2 or a model 3.

Proposed residual on a quad according to AR is 38% or right around there after 3 years. That is 32,300 after 3 years. I feel they are way off on a 505hp car but I have to keep that in mind at the moment. If that is the case it is $852 a month after 3 years of purchase but I have to pay the whole 63k up front. I am hoping my logic is flawed but I do not think it is. On top of that I have to pay the taxes on the whole 63k.

@coss1600 and you make good points. I had no idea projected depreciation was that bad… Maybe I can pick up a nice used one in the future though :rofl:

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In December 2017, ‘17 Audi s6 were going around 1%- rv was only 50% but mf was like .00001 and there was like 6k in lease cash from Audi.

With a complete redesign on the A6/s6 for 2019, id guess a 2018 Audi S6 can be had around 1% by the end of this year. The S6 checks most, if not all, of your boxes.

I agree with you Mike. I thought that same thing. Maybe by the end of the year the S6 will be there but I would really like to lease now. Right now the S6 is not even close.

Jaguar F-type.


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In my opinion one of the prettiest cars made today. That is probably one of the only cars that has the MF and residual I have not dove into yet I was concentrating on sedans at first. I think the LC 500 is also there but that is on the end of my budget.

F-Type will be easy to do with your requirements and, IMO, is a nicer ride with a much better sound than the LC.

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F type cannot fit a 12yr old (or anyone) in the back

It is made by Chrysler fiat and Italians , it’s like as bad as it gets


That is what scares me but if you read reviews and watch videos people love the damn car. Who knows what it is like at 25k miles though.

Also current owners 20202020