🇰🇷 Aronchi's Sept Hyundai Genesis - No Broker Fee Ioniq6! $383 Santa FE PHEV, $498 GV60 & $4300 off GV70EV! [Tristate]

I don’t because i don’t know where you’re registering the car. The rv is in the calc

If you have a tesla in the household, gv70 ev conquest becomes 1500.

632 w 3k due. This is a LOT of car for the money.



Basically selling price less rebates plus acq fee and reg

Any deals on the 2024 Hyundai kona?

Msrp with broker fee included, so 600 off

Any kind of deals on Palisade

9/18 - one car deal. 2023 kona EV limited. red on black

12k/24 - 289 w 3k due at signing for nj buyers or a 7200 one pay ($299/month effective)

Also please note we’re running low on gv60s, so if you’re on the fence about it, dont wait.

9/21 - adding extra discounts to get our genesis EVs gone. $4300 off GV60s and GV70 EVs. Cannot be applied retroactively.

GV60 Advanced (one left) $498 w 3k due 7500/36

GV60 Perf - $540 w 3k due 7500/36

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What color on the fb 60 performance ?

We have a few available. Text and we can discuss further

9/26 - extra discounts on Genesis gas models the rest of the month

  • G70 2.0T added. Cheapest sport sedan in the market today.
  • Extra $500 off on GV70 and GV80.
  • Only 1 GV70 EV, 1 GV60 Advanced and 5 GV60 Performance left.
  • Special Ioniq6 pricing coming for Tristate area clients tomorrow.

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com

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9/27 - Ioniq6 SELs ready to go for NJ, NY, CT, and PA registrations ONLY with no broker fee at $4500 off MSRP. Extremely local pickup, or home delivery for a small delivery fee. Fee waived if we buy your lease return.

Calcs below assume $2500 loyalty and are set to 24/12k. If you don’t qualify, please remove the $2500 under incentives. Kia and Genesis do not qualify for loyalty.

With loyalty in NJ $257 w 3k due: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Here’s the onepay:

Again, no broker fee, no transportation expense, no wait (other than us being backed up with deliveries), and the best car buying experience you’ll have where you avoid the dealer completely.

Stock Inventory:

  1. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|BLACK| $52,790
  2. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|GREEN| $52,525
  3. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|RED| $52,750
  4. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|GREEN| $52,770
  5. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|GREEN| $53,025
  6. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|BLACK| $52,880
  7. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|SILVER| $52,695 SOLD
  8. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|BLACK| $52,880 SOLD
  9. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|BLACK| $52,675 SOLD
  10. |IONIQ 6 SEL AWD|01 - Standard|GREEN| $52,315

Further, ahead of month end, we have 1 remaining 2023 GV70 EV Advanced in silver on white


We have a handful of GV60s left

  1. Advanced (silver on black) CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

  2. Performance (red/white, white/navy, white/blk, red/blk, green/navy left) CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


9/28 - insane end of month Santa Fe PHEV pricing for Tristate area + PA clients. Easy NJ dealer pickup where my dad will get you signed up. Broker fee payable to dad.

SEL Convenience: $383 plus taxes and fees

Limited $454 plus taxes and fees

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry @ www.aronchi.com

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Gv60s still available?

Yes, see 2 posts up.

Programs are good through Monday. Lets get all of these ioniq6 at 4500 off msrp for Tristate area buyers and no broker fee gone!

Same goes for the gv60s and the one lonely gv70 ev looking for a new home!

Text us at 732-779-2587. On the road doing deliveries today, so expect a delay in getting back to you.


Last day to lock in our insane Hyundai / Genesis / Kia specials!

  1. Ioniq6 $4500 off MSRP and no broker fee for tristate area + PA residents! Amazing 2 year onepay leases and no tax in NJ!
  2. GV60 & GV70 EV $4300 off MSRP for tristate area + PA!

Text us at 732-779-2587!


Submitted an inquiry for a Santa Fe! Hoping to hear back on availability.

Late this week for hyundai gas.