🇩🇪 Aronchi's Sept Audi & VW - Insane 2023 Deals | SQ5 12% | Q5 12% | Q3 11% | Q4 e-tron 2% | Tiguan 4% (Tristate/DMV)

7% money factor

i’d expect that to be the exception, not the norm, going forward.

9/7 - We’re excited to add Volkswagen along with our Audi offerings. For ease, we’re just going to combine VW and Audi into one thread.


  • Tristate area pickup or home delivery at a small cost.

  • We only work on what’s posted. Please do not ask for models not on the sheet.

  • NO R-lines at this time.

  • $499 broker fee.

  • Taos at 2% off
    - Tiguans 4% off. These are extremely good bang for the buck in this market!

  • Atlas Cross Sport and Regular Atlases 2% off

  1. Name
  2. Model of interest with color pref / packages – please list several options
  3. Zip
  4. Mileage
  5. Which of the posted rebates do you qualify for?
  6. Do you have a lease return / are you returning a car? Please provide details.
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Updating this car to 11% off MSRP. Last premium we have

Q5s updated to 11% and SQ5 P+ to 10% off MSRP.

Updating this Q5 to 13% off and broker fee waived. Need it gone!

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What specs do you have for any in stock SQ5 P+


Interested in SQ5 P+, sent a PM.

We have an S5 sportback that needs to go - 8% off. There’s a LOT of bang for the buck in this thing!

Let’s do one more. S5 coupe at 8% off.

This SQ5 is still available updated to 11% off. Not missing any features. Grab it asap. Last one we have.

September Audi pricing will be posted early next week.

Both our s5 sportback and S5 coupe listed a couple of posts above are still available and ready to roll. Grab em before they’re gone. Lot of car for the money.

Arrived and ready to go - 2023 Q3 45 S-Line Premium at 9% off. Not missing any features and a good build in white/black.

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Do you happen to have any deals on a 2023 grey vw atlas cross sport SEL ?

deals are available only what’s posted.

9/19 - Updating all remaining 2022 Q5s to 12% off MSRP. Extra $1500 if you have an audi lease maturity in Sept-Dec. Free Audicare if you have costco.

Remaining inventory is below:

Updating our remaining SQ5 Premium to 12% off, as well.

Note, none of these cars are missing any features (i.e. BLIS, ACC, etc).

Grab em while we have em.

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9/20 - Updating our S5 to 9% off MSRP. Lot of bang for the buck for an awesome v6!

9/22 - Updating our 22 Q3 45 P+ to 11% off. We have a ton of inventory (below)

SQ5 Premium (no missing features) still somehow available at 11% off.

Lots of 22 Q5s still available at 12% off.

A week left to lock in Costco Audi savings!

9/26 - One of our dealers is now offering fully remote lease buyouts with a $175 doc fee, DMV/Plates through FedEx. Financing through Audi Financial Services available at 3.49% for up to 72 months. (Only eligible for leases scheduled to mature September through December 2022.)

$499 Broker Fee

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9/28 - crunch time for the month. posting a few one offs, as well as updated insane 2023 q3 / q5 pricing. Three days to lock one in!

  1. Our last 2022 Q5 P+ gray/brown w B&O at 12% off: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

  2. INSANE 2023 Q3 45 Premium 11.5% off msrp: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

  3. INSANE 2023 Q5 40 Premium 10.5% off: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

  4. Our 2022 SQ5 Premium is STILL available at 12% off in gray/black (no missing features): CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

  5. 2022 Q4 e-trons 2% off and no tax in NJ! Better to buy than lease. Lots of stock inventory.

Grab an audi while we got em!