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Are you asking about Aronchi’s calculator? Lease cash is included in the selling price in his calculator.


Isn’t lease cash taxed in most states? So it’s understating the total cost by a couple hundred bucks, too.

not in ny or nj

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When are you sharing the updated sheet. Thanks

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You sure about that? Could have sworn in NY at least taxes are charged on basically everything except govt fees.

“Sales tax is computed on the sum of all lease payments at the usual rate in the county. Additionally, sales tax applies to any down payment, the lease acquisition fee, documentation fees, warranty fees, maintenance fees (if charged), transportation and destinations fees, dealer advertising fees, dealer prep fees — literally everything in the lease contract. Furthermore, taxes are charged on any manufacturer rebates, bonuses, or other incentives.”

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9/11 - updated xc60 and xc90 for sept. the play is definitely the 2024 xc60 plus this month, which has a $1500 loyalty on it. 2024 xc90s are scarce but we can get our hands on a good amt. same w t8s, which are strong, but scarce.

Text us at 732-779-2587 to lock in your awesome volvo deal!

2024 xc40 updated for the tristate area at over 12% off before rebates. Cores and pluses are pretty cheap for this market, and we have over 100 available at our disposal.

No broker fee, no shipping required, we can facilitate same day pickup at our dealers in NJ.

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com

Is there C40’s available?

Yes we still have 2 cores left.

Can you let me know the color combination?

a blue or a white. both black interiors.

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What’s it looking like for S60s?


added 2024 s60s to www.aronchi.com - very strong w $2500 loyalty!

Do you have any xc40 recharge?

Any v60 Recharge and if not anything off on builds? Thanks.

hi - I’ve submitted the inquiry for XC40 Core. Could you please provide more details/quote?

Hi - I’ve submitted the enquiry through
AronchiAuto Inquiry Form, could you please send the quote for XC40