🇯🇵 Aronchi's Sep Nissan - 12% off on Rogues, 11% on 2024 Altimas [Tristate Area ONLY]

Yes, but you wouldn’t like the broker fee.


7/12 - Nissan Leaf S $219 plus driveoffs and broker for NJ residents ONLY. Sub-300 all-in payment on an EV and the best commuter EV out there.

SV Plus: $313 plus driveoffs for NJ Residents

We can get as many as you want.

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Will there be any July 23 lease deals on Rogue? Thanks

looking for lease on Sentra and Altima…7/10k miles and 24/36 month, NJ

8/11 - August updated for whatever it is that Nissan is trying to do this month. Altimas are decent, so are Rogues. There are no pathfinders or muranos, and sentras are too high.

We will do free home delivery in the tristate. Please tip the driver :slight_smile:

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com

Any updates for September?

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9/7 - same nissan programs as last month. Altimas are decent, as are rogues. We have no more 2023 pathfinders at any of our dealers. Programs on 2024s arent great, so would wait on those. Easy tristate area pickup or home delivery w a lease return available.

Text 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com

Coming out of a Nissan Rogue Sport - any loyalty or chance for equity? Perfect condition only 25k miles

Yeah text vin and miles. Worth looking at

9/18 - going an extra $1k deeper on rogues, adding insane 2024 pathfinder pricing, and updating altimas with 2024s for our tristate clients.

Easy local pickup, no hassle, no shipping necessary. Home delivery for a small fee. 200 cars on the ground.

Text us at 732-779-2587 or submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com

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Coming out of a 2022 Nissan Frontier pro-4x
What do u have in the nissian suv line in the 3-400 month reg in PA