🇯🇵 Aronchi's Sep Nissan - 12% off on Rogues, 11% on 2024 Altimas [Tristate Area ONLY]

5/8 - Nissan updated for May. Points of note:

  • The Rogue program got a little bit worse, but we have offset it with a higher discount. Nearly 9% off on SV and SL and over 9% on Platinums. Inventory very strong. We posted both 18 and 36 month terms for rogues.
  • Same deal with pathfinders. Over 8.5% off on those. We have a few SLs and very few platinums. 18 month term still best.
  • 23 Sentras posted for the first time. Most of these arrive in May. SVs are nearly 9% off and they’re pretty good value, especially if you’re coming out of one.
  • Altimas the same as last month, no inventory.
  • 5% off pro4x frontiers. Payment got worse.
  • Forget about Ariyas, charge-up NJ is gone, so whatever discount we can offer on them won’t help make them a good payment.

As always, pickup in NJ. I’m likely doing your paperwork with you. Save yourself an entire day and a ton of dealership agg and grab your nissan in the tristate area.

Submit an inquiry at www.aronchi.com or text 732-779-2587.


Hey Aronchi,

Thanks for posting these deals! Do you have the numbers on the Altima? Thanks

Yes i will add. Just trying to figure out who’s doing them cheaper

Ok, thank you!

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i added a few altimas

Any good maxima deals for May?


Thanks as always for posting.

Does the 2019 Murano have a real automatic emergency collision brake. I know the 2018 did not.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

How much is the vpp/grad worth? I do not think I qualify for either.

it’s listed as $500 untaxed in each calculator.

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I qualify for VPP. What does it get you for a Nissan Murano lease?

The links posted include $500 vpp

These are phenomenal deals

Any Armada deals?

Any Murano or Pathfinders with AWD?

Anyone got any of these deals in Texas?

Do you have any deal on Nissan Maxima SL, with loyalty and VPP? Thankyou

yes i do. it would be very helpful to know where you are registering, preferred colors, etc, etc.

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Registering in NJ (central NJ), I like blue but can go with any as I have white now. Looking for 36 month lease with 12k miles