Aronchi's Reviews - NYC Tri-State Area & DMV Lease Deals

Pleasure to help. Thanks for grabbing the first B5 Rdesign I could get my hands on and drive in good health!

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Just took delivery of a Volvo S60. I contacted Mike exactly a week ago, and drove off with a car today. About as painless a transaction as one would hope for. Total time at the dealer was ~5 min. I’ve never spent less than a few hours getting paperwork done at a dealership, so I’m still not sure how this was possible. Mike was fantastic, and I look forward to leasing with him again.

Thank you, enjoy the s60 and thank you for the awesome bottle. Aged 18 years, just the way I like em…

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First time leasing and I am glad I was able to work with Mike.

Contacted him on 9/7, inquiring about XC60. Fast responses and clear communication on what can be done. Texts me on 9/8 morning with a killer demo deal on X60. We discussed how I wanted to structure the deal then reached an agreement. Submitted my credit check, 3 hours later I was able to secure an AMAZING XC60 Deal. The moment I first reached out to close out the deal took less than 24 hours. This may not be the case for everyone and I may have just gotten lucky but just how Mike efficiently works and communicate is what impressed me. Mike even picked up the car from the dealership for me to pick it up at his place because the only time I was able to travel to NJ was on Sunday (NJ dealerships are closed on Sunday).

I am very very happy with his service and I will get my next lease from him as well as making sure I recommend him to anyone who wants to lease around me.

Thank you, Mike!

Pleasure to help! Awesome car in this market. Hope you enjoy it.

Mike was an awesome help and he is so fast with everything.
I was having so much hard time and stressed out after my car was flooded.
I contacted him last Friday afternoon, and I already have my car today.
He was great help finding a car that I want and all the process we had to go through.
I will 100% recommend him to my friends and families.
If you need a car fast, he is your guy!!!
Thank you Mike and see you in 3 years.

See you in 3 years!!

As always it was a pleasure working with You. Thanks to You my sister in law got performance red RDX with A-spec trim for an incredible price in this crazy market.

My last one for the month :frowning: drive in good health!

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Mike is amazing at what he does. He’s responsive and works hard to find you exactly what you’re looking for. I was close to giving up on finding an XC90 at a reasonable price, and Mike was able to pull it off. Not easy in today’s insane market. Don’t waste your time dealing with any other brokers (I learned the hard way). Mike’s your guy.

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Thank you! Glad I was able to get you guys a car in this market. Enjoy it!

It’s a review thread, please post in broker’s marketplace thread or PM directly with requests.

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Got my mom a RDX from Mike a few months ago(almost a year ago tbh I was just too lazy to make a leasehackr account sorry about that Mike). This was by far the smoothest & quickest lease transaction we’ve ever gone thru. We spent less than 20 mins at the dealership, not to mention we got a truly exceptional deal on our RDX. We have a few family friends that also got a RDX in the last few months and there monthly payments are nowhere near as low as ours. From now on we will be leasing our cars from Mike. Again Thank you soo much Mike and I apologize for the almost year late review. Will be recommending you to our family and friends.

Mike helped me use the equity I have in my last Volvo lease to get a new 2022 XC60 at the price I was looking for. He worked quickly, and most importantly for someone like me is that he is always super responsive and doesn’t leave people hanging!
This deal was a pleasure and I will definitely be recommending Mike to my friends.
Thank you Mike!

Pleasure to help! Enjoy your new car!!

Always happy to help!

Got XC60 from him. Great value with no broker fee. Highly recommended.

2nd lease with Mike - was originally planning on pulling ahead and turning in an XC40 lease, but Mike instead applied the equity from the XC40 to get a better deal on a XC60. Super quick process - reached out to inquire about the model/trim/color I was looking for, Mike found a match, and I sent all required documents. Few days later, met Mike and his dad at the dealership where they had the car and paperwork ready. Highly recommend, very professional and such a smooth process. Thank you!

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This is the second time I’ve used Mike to lease a car. October 2020 for my wife’s XC90 T6, and few days ago a 2022 RDX A-spec for my mother which he found in 2 days! He’s great to work with, responsive, and straight forward. Not only that but his numbers were $100 less than local offers. He went above and beyond. First he picked up her old car, drove it to the dealer, traded it in, and brought her the new one. Even took her old plates to the DMV for her. Definitely my go to any time I need a car in the future. Now its my turn :slight_smile:

Couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend. Thanks Mike!

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Thoroughly enjoyed driving that rdx to mom’s house. It drives really well and is an awesome color combo! Drive in good health.