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Just completed my 3rd Volvo lease with Aronchi. Mike got me the C40 I wanted and at a deal that was thousands cheaper than others. He was able to deliver the car and it was all done over text. He also took back my XC60 lease early and made the entire transaction incredibly easy.

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BE FOREWARNED… i leased a car from him in January. To save money, rather than obtain a new registration he transferred my old registration which was expiring. The lease that I entered into was for lease plus tax, title and tags… I tried contacting him via phone, text, email and even contacted the dealer through which he got the car. NO RESPONSE FROM MY MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT.

My background:

  • leasing approx 20 yrs
  • used 4 different brokers
  • leased Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Range Rover
  • never seen or heard this before to save money
  • this was never discussed when entering the deal, i only noticed bc someone told me my registration has expired
  • feel free to contact w any questions.

No, because I don’t handle registration. The dealer does. I don’t know a single person there who does titling. Your beef is with them, recommend you contact them and not blow up my phone when there’s nothing I can do about it.

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Not in the slightest. Never have and never will get involved in the titling / reg game. Not even allowed to. That said, I did look into it, and client’s deal came right outside the 90 day renewal window for NYS (i.e there were like 92 days remaining on his reg when his deal was done), which meant the titling people were not given an option to renew the registration with NYS. Further, client received a transferred registration in the mail from the dealer to complete his deal and didn’t appear to check the expiration date on it…

Actually, I spoke to the dealer and the dealer said the broker did not want new registration. THE DEAL INCLUDED TAX, TAGS, and TITLES…So, as I said earlier – BE FOREWARNED, IF THERE IS AN ISSUE THIS BROKER WILL NOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU AND WILL AVOID YOU.

Correct, that would have meant new plates, which would have cost you more and would have come with a 1 year registration. Your DMV work was done correctly as a plate transfer. It is certainly not my fault that your annual registration expired over 3 months after the deal was done. And yes, 100% if there is an issue with registration, I will ignore. OP not wrong here. Registration is not my business.