🇩🇪 Aronchi's October BMW - m8 cv 7% and gc 6% orders; in-stock 740i [Tristate, PA & DMV ONLY]

Can I get more details please

Sure, what other details can i provide?

Are there still any great i8 deals in June?

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Did you read the title, or the first post?


My OL code says valid till May 31 2019. Can I still use it in June? If not where can I get a new one for this month?

Probably at dealer discretion. I don’t see why they wouldn’t use it to close the deal.

Here’s the megathread on OL codes:

I don’t think so. It’s only worth 500 anyway

Gorgeous looking in white. But there’s two 3 cylinder sporty-ish cars almost blocking the view of that Model X :wink:

I was going to go to the local SoCal drive event to get an OL code but the fine print now says it can’t be used for select models including the i8. I guess if you got it earlier on- it would still work.

Model X is like a minivan…my 70 year old mom drives one. Cool but not exactly sporty.

The i8 is still very fun on curvy roads- most “3cyl” sh*t talkers haven’t driven the car.

Most probably haven’t. I drove it at PBIR for 2.4 laps, until Drivetrain Malfunction sidelined it. The heavy car, and its’ tiny 3 cyl motor weren’t meant for the track I suppose. Cool looking car though, looks 100k for sure. Just doesn’t drive like it.

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You my friend are the exception then.

However most owners of the car (I’ve had one for 29 months or so) use it for city driving or commuting. It’s probably the best sports car all around for this purpose IMHO.

OL code or not :sunglasses:

I think @aronchi has done well with his i8 deals and we should respect his i8 thread. My post (which has somewhat spun off) was to further his efforts to move more i8s and even for him to get one.

I think they are fantastic daily drivers. My wife and I have been very lucky to have them for the better part of last three years. For context, I had one of the original M3 CS unicorn-ish deals here (and turned in our first i8 to get it) but I gave up the M3 CS once I could get another i8 for the same monthly payment. My daily commute (35 miles each way) is better served, as a result.

It doesn’t hurt that the i8 is a head turner, a conversation starter, and a selfie magnet. It also helps that I now average 45empg as opposed to 22mpg in the M3 CS. And this version of the i8 is superior to the 2015/2016 versions we had before.

If you can swing it, then I would strongly recommend getting an i8.

… and yes, we love our Model X as well.

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How far can you go in EV only mode on your i8?

Up to 24 miles in city traffic. I drive in eco pro mode which for some reason does better (up to 28 miles) than pure EV mode. On the highway portion of my commute, I’m usually at 80 mph, which is too fast for pure EV mode.

I think the thought of this thing as a daily in nyc still scares the hell out of me. I loved the car when i drove it to a delivery though. Not supercar fast, but the most beautiful.

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I test drove the car last month and almost pulled the trigger… im currently on a f-type convertible and i absolutely love the way my car sounds and i just couldn’t cope with silent ride on i8 :disappointed:

Different class of car…F types are a great value though.

The i8 gets supercar attention and has the doors…Aventador size but with a incredibly smooth ride and 0-60 in 3.7 with LC.

The i8 is also the only car I’ve ever wanted to keep after 24 months.

My car before that was a Maserati and before that a M6. The sounds are all going away due to regulation- enjoy while you can.

I would jump on one of these i8’s personally :wink:

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Honestly, if the ftypes were still where they were 2 years ago, I’d get a v6 and not think twice. That sound is phenomenal. They’re terrible value now and jag has been pushing that crappy 2 liter, which sounds like a lawnmower.

But thank you for the endorsement @thewolf. These cars are pretty awesome for what they are.


Ha! I’d keep you in mind if I ever upgraded out of mine, but I don’t think the allure will ever wear off for me. Especially not at my payment :laughing:

(That, and it’s through Chase so…)