Aronchi's Oct Volvo BLOWOUT - '20 XC90 & XC60, '19 XC60 T6M & T8 HYBRID! '19 XC90 M/R/I - NO FEE EVER! - NY/NJ & NEARBY

10/2 Update - Numbers look great for Volvo in October, so let’s continue the momentum (pun intended?) from last month. The links below show the cheapest MSRP units available for each trim. When you ask for additional packages, the % discount off MSRP will change. Wholesale cars are priced at $ behind invoice (a flat number), which implies a lower % discount on higher MSRP cars (i.e. $3000 under invoice on a $50k car is a bigger % discount than $3000 under invoice on a $60k car). Please do not send me follow-up messages asking why the discount is lower. These can also include $500 loyalty (not included). There is $2000 Xc60 to XC60 lease loyalty. As usual, there is no fee on my deals!! Please note that most of these deals include MSDs. As the month goes on, I will try to update with more deals and add demos.

The best deals for October are the 2020 XC90 T5 M and 2020 XC60 T5M. There are still 2019 XC90 T6 M & R’s (which are particularly strong), though inventory is largely higher MSRP (i.e. Advanced Package, Bowers, air suspension). My personal favorite is the 2019 XC60 T8 R-Design, of which there are several in stock and the deals are insane for a 400+hp truck. I am strongly considering swapping my i8 and grabbing one of these for myself. All have Advance Package, as well as a bunch more options

Pick up in-store or delivery for a small fee in the tri-state area. Before you reach out, please list the following (this is very important!!!):

  1. Model of interest with color pref / packages
  2. Zip / geography
  3. Mileage
  4. Loyalty?
  5. MSDs?

Many of you have reached out from states not based in the northeast. As with all of my deals, I work with clients in the tri-state area, as well as eastern PA, CT, DE, and to a lesser extent, MD, and VA. I am not against doing deals elsewhere in the eastern part of the US, but over the past 2+ years that I’ve used LH, such deals have just been tire-kicking and a waste of time. As such, going forward, if you reach out from outside of the geography mentioned above (including upstate NY and western PA), I will charge a small retainer of $50 to look for a car, run numbers, etc. If you follow through on a deal, that retainer will be refunded to you. You can fly in and sign, ship, whatever you want. However, I cannot and will not work on running numbers and looking for cars with no expectation of closing a deal.

2020 XC90 T5 Mom $53k MSRP $384+tax!!! Lots of inventory to choose from, different colors, all within the same few bucks MSRP!! Note most MSRPs are over $54k.

2020 XC60 T5 Mom $44k MSRP $289+taxes, fees and MSD!!! Note most MSRPs have premium package so are more expensive. Figure most cars will be $48k and up.

2019 XC90 T6 Inscription 66k msrp $541+tax! Couple left, great price!

2019 XC60 T6 Mom + prem + multmedia + 20s LOADED $389+tax (THIS DEAL IS AWESOME)

2019 XC90 T6 Momentum $60k MSRP $498+tax (THIS DEAL IS AWESOME!)

2019 XC60 T8 RDes + Advanced Package $489+tax (no MSD needed). Since I’m out of T6 R, this is the best xc60 deal. 400+ hp truck! My favorite deal of the month. There are a few in stock, let’s move ALL OF THEM! Note, you don’t have to plug it in, it charges itself.

2019 XC90 T6 Rdes $64k msrp $484+tax

2020 S60 T5 Mom FWD + Premium package $40k $309+tax

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Interested in this with 15k miles. What color is it?

@aronchi is this still available?

what color is it?

April deal

I am interested. What color options are available?

Still available?

I will be updating my volvo thread as soon as i get a chance to run all of the cars.

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Volvo for May has been updated.

Volvo loyalty is stackable with anything, except conquest, obviously.

ah ok. also not sure if it’s just lease loyalty.

$500 is lease, $1,000 purchase. Also, ask your dealer for special S60 loyalty and XC60 retention bonus. There was $1,250 on top of $500 last month on S60, but did not show on Volvo site

There’s $2k XC60 to XC60 loyalty.

In addition to $500 :point_up:

Not sure that’s right.

I think so. This $2,000 is the “XC60 retention bonus”, not a loyalty. Similar to what I got on S60 last month - $1,250 S60-to-S60 bonus + $500 loyalty

Interested in an XC90 T5 momentum

Please pm me exactly what you’re looking for in terms of packages, options, colors, mileage etc

Do you have numbers on the s60 momentum t5 12k/36 Costco member and a plan along with college grad. 07081

Interested in XC90 T5 Momentum. Please pm

I put up a t6 inscription, which gets 3k for costco vs 1k for the momentum trim. it’s a better deal.