๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Aronchi's November NO FEE Volvo - Awesome 2022 deals & Orders! - TRISTATE, PA, DMV, FL - WE BUY CARS!

Super rare color combo xc60 t5 inscription with climate pack and 20s in pine gray on maroon brown available. Probably one of the last non-demo 2021s weโ€™ll have. $56k msrp.

10k/36 no rebates: $480 plus taxes fees and MSD

10k/36 with costco, loyalty and affinity $410+taxes fees and MSD.

Also a base base XC60 T5 inscription at $53k is available.

7500/36 with costco, loyalty & affinity AND NO BROKER FEE is $365 + taxes fees and MSD.

Grab both before weโ€™re sold out.

All Volvo deals (PS: nobody is anywhere near our pricing on XC90s this month):

Can I get this in Ohio

You can if you contact @Benedetto .

Can I get your deals, his are not as good

i dont service Ohio. please contact brokers who do.

is the xc40 t8 recharge the fully electric model?

yes the p8โ€ฆ

got it so im assuming the discount includes the 7500 lease cash

yes it does.

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Closed a deal with @aronchi during the month of July (2021) at a time where most brokers and car dealers are struggling to keep inventory on the lot let alone make a deal. He helped me secure a XC60 R-Design from initial conversation to the car in my drive way in about 10 hours total (only 10 minutes at dealership was needed). Iโ€™ve worked with other brokers before and have been handed off to dealership after agreeing on final numbers. @aronchi manages the entire process and you never talk to anyone else but him. Hands down my easiest cary buying experience.

Thanks, @Leyondo_Dunn! Awesome car and a super quick turnaround. Very nice to meet you. @trusted_hackrs please move to my reviews page.

We still have a few super cheap xc60 t5 inscription (new and demos) to move. None available with advanced package. With costco, all of these are in the low 4s with taxes fees and MSD out of pocket, which is about as good as it gets in this market.

In addition, we have awesome inventory of xc90s (except t5โ€™s - none of those), at numbers that canโ€™t be touched. Hands down, the best 7 seater bang for your buck, along with our MDXโ€™s. Once these are gone, the programs on the 2022s, which are arriving this week, is around $40-50/month higher.

Before you reach out, please review the posted google sheet and then list the following (this is very important!!!):

  1. Name
  2. Model of interest with color pref / packages โ€“ please list several options
  3. Zip
  4. Mileage
  5. Which of the posted rebates do you qualify for?
  6. Will you be doing MSDs? Note all of these deals are built with MSDs.

One other thing. If you are looking for a unicorn, it will not happen here. An xc60 will not be $500 with no money out. An xc90 will not be $600 with no money out. Please review the google sheet and the illustrative calc links to have an estimate. We strive to provide you very very deep below market deals and a superior car buying service. When we ask for your budget after you reach out, we genuinely want to know what you expect to pay for this car. Saying โ€œas low as possibleโ€ will just make us ignore you as a non-serious buyer. So please, when reaching out, have realistic expectations. Be respectful of our time.

Any TLX Type S deals?

Just arrived! XC90 T8 inscription expression with climate pack at a super low $66k msrp.

10k/36 with no rebates: $637 plus taxes fees and MSD. With loyalty + affinity, $609.

Awesome bang for the buck on a 400hp hybrid 7 passenger.

Side note - our xc60 t5 inscription demos, which are the best deals this month, are starting to run dry. Lock in yours while we still have cars!

All deals:

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People have been asking. One final 2021 s60 loaner that can roll.

S60 t5 awd with climate, premium and 19s. 7500/36 with no rebates: $357+taxes fees and MSD. -$21 if you have loyalty. Can also add affinity for $500.

Grab it before itโ€™s gone.

Also a NEW S60 T5 R with climate. 7500/36 with no rebates: $386 +taxes fees and MSD. -$21 if you have loyalty. Can also add affinity for $500. This is lots of car for the money.

We have the last available XC60 T5 inscription demo with climate and 20s. White on black and a $55k sticker.

7500/36 with costco and loyalty: $379 plus taxes fees and MSD.

2021 inventory is running super low and 22s have started arriving. We should have pricing on them for August. In the meantime, grab these 21s while we got em.

But did you return his fee? :thinking: :grin:

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The fire trucks just left and youโ€™re hiding in the bushes looking to commit arson as their lights and sirens fade into the distance


Nah i kept it and then ghosted him for 6 weeks, so expect a 200 post thread that exposes me as a glorified secretary for a scummy salesman whoโ€™s grifting from his employer :kissing_heart:


LH should know its heroes :point_up:



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