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I need help. These are some amazing Volvo deals. I have been looking to get XC90, but still have 6 months left on my Infinity QX60 (paying about $500 per month). I have already ran out of mileage on that lease and now will pay .25 per mile. Donโ€™t know what to doโ€ฆ Does it make sense to get XC90 now not to miss the crazy deals, or wait till my Infinity lease is up? I do have COSTCO. Please help (Zip code 07092 New Jersey). TIA

Wait. There will always be deals. And in 6 months it will be December.

Lol or total it qx60 and make it a write off :joy:

Too extreme :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, will wait. Totaling is not an option, gave me a smile though :wink:

Net net itโ€™ll cost you the same, whether you go over mileage or roll in negative equity.

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Probably less for overage: 1k extra miles per month for 6 months ร— $0.25 = $1,500 vs. 6 x $500, or selling it with negative

Makes sense. Thanks again for your advice

PMโ€™d! Interested in XC90

Per forum rules, YOU PM the OP.

Any July Volvo XC60 deals now that Costco is gone?

Will post as soon as i know

Great. Demos would be good too.

Donโ€™t do demos

Any updated #โ€™s for July?

Yes any july numbers?

Still going through them. I have been slammed at workโ€ฆ

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Any xc90s for July?

Looking to lease xc60 36/15 with advanced package in white, Grey or blue. Do I PM you?

Subbing for July/August S60 deals