๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Aronchi's NO FEE Volvo 9/11 - XC90 T6M Demo $499+t & Cheap XC60 & XC90 HYBRIDS, S60 - TRI-STATE AREA, PA & FL ONLY!

9/5/20 Update: This has been partially updated and is good through COB on Monday. With the extra $500 for labor day, new cars are slightly better. Obviously, inventory is super limited. Of note, thereโ€™s a cheapie 2021 XC90 T5 and the 2020 S90s are basically being given away. The S90 and S60 T8s have a price drop. Grab them, both bursting blue on black r-design and both are way cheaper than the m340i you are all paying invoice for.

Before you reach out, please list the following (this is very important!!!):

  1. Name
  2. Model of interest with color pref / packages โ€“ please list several options
  4. Mileage
  5. Which rebates? Loyalty/First Resp? Conquest (v60cc only)? Aplan (only on new cars, $1500 on s60, $750 on everything else)?
  6. MSDs? Note, without MSD, your payment is significantly different

Interested in this with 15k miles. What color is it?

@aronchi is this still available?

what color is it?

April deal

I am interested. What color options are available?

Still available?

I will be updating my volvo thread as soon as i get a chance to run all of the cars.

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Volvo for May has been updated.

Volvo loyalty is stackable with anything, except conquest, obviously.

ah ok. also not sure if itโ€™s just lease loyalty.

$500 is lease, $1,000 purchase. Also, ask your dealer for special S60 loyalty and XC60 retention bonus. There was $1,250 on top of $500 last month on S60, but did not show on Volvo site

Thereโ€™s $2k XC60 to XC60 loyalty.

In addition to $500 :point_up:

Not sure thatโ€™s right.

I think so. This $2,000 is the โ€œXC60 retention bonusโ€, not a loyalty. Similar to what I got on S60 last month - $1,250 S60-to-S60 bonus + $500 loyalty

Interested in an XC90 T5 momentum

Please pm me exactly what youโ€™re looking for in terms of packages, options, colors, mileage etc

Do you have numbers on the s60 momentum t5 12k/36 Costco member and a plan along with college grad. 07081

Interested in XC90 T5 Momentum. Please pm

I put up a t6 inscription, which gets 3k for costco vs 1k for the momentum trim. itโ€™s a better deal.