🇮🇹 Aronchi's NO FEE Sep Alfa Giulia & Stelvio deals at 12%+ off MSRP or over 18% w all rebates! [Tristate Area Only]

Several people have mentioned that they saw other broker advertisements about stacking conquest and alfa / fca loyalty on these deals, totaling $2250 in total rebate. The following is the case:

  1. Conquest is $750 and applies for most luxury brands (ACURA, AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES,
  2. Alfa Loyalty is $1k (see below) and DOES NOT stack with conquest.
  3. FCA returning lessee is a $500 rebate that stacks with returning loyalty
  4. First responder is another $500 and stacks with Conquest OR returning loyalty.

Therefore, if you are returning an FCA lease, you qualify for $1500 of rebate, but you do NOT qualify for an additional $750 of conquest even if there’s a conquest vehicle in your household.

We just wanted to clear this up for the community.

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Broker fee waived going forward on Alfa. Home delivery is free. Conquest and loyalty STILL don’t stack, so it’s mathematically impossible to get $3250 in rebates. The MOST one can get is $500 bonus cash + 1000 loyalty + 500 returning loyalty + $500 first responder = 2500. Do your math.

8/30 - Massive price drops on Giulias across the board (over 12% with NO FEE). TI’s priced extremely aggressively and we have a ton of them to move. Lots of bang for the buck if you’re coming out of a comparable sedan (think TLX, Lexus, Q50).

Stelvios have also been updated and dropped. Stelvio inventory is significantly worse than Giulia, but we have several dealers to source cars from.

Net-net, when comparing prices, we are significantly lower than any east coast alfa competition, since we do not charge you a broker fee!

Programs are good until 9/6, so about a week to lock in a deal!

Programs updated for September. Giulia inventory still massive. Lot of bang for the buck if you’re looking for an entry level sports sedan that’s fun to drive.


9/21 - one-offs available below with NO BROKER FEE!! Best east coast alfa pricing!

  1. Giulia sprint in white/black 13.4% off before any rebates (bonus cash + conquest shown). Total max rebates are $2500.
  1. Stelvio TI (several available) at 11.8% off
  1. Stelvio Veloce (several available) at 11.3% off

Loaners available:

  1. Stelvio TI (blue/blk OR Gray/blk) 12.8% off

$23k to lease a low-package alfa? they might be bankrupt as a brand before that lease term expires at this pace

The lease is all depreciation. There’ll be equity in it at the end.

not if alfa goes the way of the dodo and pulls a pontiac. Bit of a loaded statement to say there will be equity in a (historically) low RV car in a tough market / recession

(tell your alfa guy i’ll take a look at 30% off)

we’ll pass on the opportunity, given geography, thanks.